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Treo looking good

Wed Mar 20, 2002 - 10:20 PM EST - By Michael Ducker

VisorCentral reader jberger shows us what the Treo really looks on the inside. It was posted today on this thread.

In this first photo, we see the Treo and all of it's components. The battery is inside the case at the right. Doesn't that screen remind you of a Green Visor Deluxe? Ahh those were the days ;)

The second picture shows us the underside of the Treo motherboard. The big black chip is the Wavecom provided GSM chip, and you can see the contacts for the SIM card at the bottom. It appears that the processor and 16 MB of memory are on the other side.

If anybody wants to offer more photos, or offer more descriptions please email us!


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