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Wed Apr 3, 2002 - 9:18 AM EST - By Michael Ducker

The PDR was updated recently to version 2002.

"Get access to just whatyou need at point-of-care: concise drug information, based on the FDA-approvedlabeling, on the most often prescribed drugs. Each monograph provides: brandname, generic name, manufacturer, DEA class, pharmacologic category, dosageforms, indications, dosage and administration, side effects, contraindications,interactions, warnings/precautions, and how supplied information. You can lookup a drug by Brand or Generic Name or by Therapeutic Class List. Our search also includes a built-inspell correction feature, so you can still find what you're looking for even ifyou don't know how it's spelled.

Each monograph in the 2002 Pocket PDR®includes the DEA class, manufacturer and generic name of the drug, plus six keytopics:

Indications and Usage
Warnings and Precautions
Adverse Reactions
Dosage and Administration
Drug Interactions
How Supplied
Within a monograph, you canmove instantly between sections using our Quick Commands feature.

The PDR 2002 is $89.95 on springboard form.

I think this is a new release on springboard: the Harrison's Manual of Medicine 15th edition. It is $99 in springboard form.

"Get quick plug-and-play access to critical medicine information with Franklin Electronics' Harrison's Manual of Medicine. This module summarizes the diagnosis and treatment of all disorders commonly seen in the clinical setting. Instantly find information by signs or symptom. Perform outline, index or word searches. Plus, you can bookmark noteworthy sections for easy retrieval.

Harrison's Manual of Medicine contains information on:

Signs and symptoms of disease
Most common diseases and disorders by system
Psychiatric disorders
Dependency disorders
Adverse drug reactions
Lab values
Medical emergencies "


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