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Route Planning with TripPilot

Mon Jun 3, 2002 - 10:15 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

GPS Pilot has released TripPilot, a route planning application for the Palm OS that allows users to plan trips on their handheld devices. TripPilot can also work in conjunction with any NMEA-0183 GPS receiver. Here are some of the application's features:
  • On demand itineraries and maps downloads from the Internet, even on the road through wireless device and cellular phone. Web connectivity required only for route download; navigation may be operated without a wireless connection.
  • North America and Europe itinerary and map coverage down to street, town and road levels
  • Driving directions supported in 11 languages
  • Full search by address, cities, geo-coded information plus full integration with Palm™ address book.
  • Itineraries and maps cached on the PDA to reduce search time and online costs.
  • Links to any NMEA GPS devices for position display, tracking, speed, altitude, heading and estimated time of arrival.
TripPilot is now available for $49.95, and a trial version is available.


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