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iSync beta released

Sun Sep 29, 2002 - 1:33 AM EDT - By James Hromadka

Apple today released its iSync utility for Mac OS X 10.2. iSync, as I previously discussed, is a free utility that lets Mac users synchronize Address Book and iCal data with Palm-powered devices, Bluetooth-enabled phones, and the iPod. I am still waiting for my T68i to get in so I can try out Bluetooth cell phones, but I have been waiting for iSync so that I could actually use iCal and have the OS X Address Book reflect what I have on my Treo. This incarnation of iSync is a beta that expires next February. This initial version is not as easy to setup as other Apple software. It is important that you disable the Palm Address Book, Date Book, and To Do List conduits and enable the iSync conduit before it will work. After saying a silent prayer that there would not be too many duplicates to remove, I began synchronization. Here is a screenshot of iSync in action: The arrows move during synchronization. iSync was kind enough to confirm changes and let me fix conflicts. Note that iSync will launch when you press HotSync if it is not running , so I suggest leaving iSync running at all times. After all was said and done, calendar entries looked fine, but the Address Book had duplicates for several items that I had imported prior to iSync being released. All in all not too bad for a beta, and I can't wait to try out Bluetooth synchronization with the Treo 90 and the T68i.


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