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Receive Excel files on the Visor

Wed Mar 15, 2000 - 5:24 PM EST - By James Hromadka

Cutting Edge Software and Actual Software announced today that users of Quicksheet 3.1 and Multimail 2.2 can install a plugin that allows them to email Quicksheet spreadsheet attachments to users that have Multimail & Quicksheet, and the receiver will be able to immediately view the new file.
From the press release:
"The new conduit works exclusively between Cutting Edge Software's Quicksheet
spreadsheet software and Actual Software's MultiMail messaging software, both specifically designed for the Palm computing platform. For the first time, users of Microsoft Excel® on the desktop will be able to e-mail Excel attachments to Palm users with Quicksheet installed - and the files will seamlessly convert to Quicksheet format during synchronization. Once received by the Palm users, the attachments can be viewed and edited. Likewise, if they prepare Quicksheet files in the field and want to e-mail them to someone else's desktop when they synchronize, MultiMail will automatically convert Quicksheet files to Excel when they are delivered to the recipient."

You can send email from Multimail or while in Quicksheet. The plugin is free, and information on the procedures and installation can be found here.


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