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MiniJam update

Wed Jun 21, 2000 - 8:54 AM EDT - By James Hromadka

A few press releases have trickled out on the MiniJam by InnoGear. For those wondering what brand of MultMediaCard (MMC) will be sold with the MiniJam, it will be SanDisk. The press release offers some new insights into what comes with the MiniJam:
"MiniJam, the first MP3 player for the Palm OS, is a plug-and-play hardware device for Handspring's Visor Springboard Expansion System. In addition to enhancing Handspring's Visor with an MP3 player, MiniJam provides users with a full multimedia experience through pre-loaded software, which includes a photo/slide show viewer and e-Book reader. As soon as users install the MiniJam, they will see a launch window on the Visor display that will give them the ability to either, view photos/slide show, read an e-Book or listen to music. Innogear's MiniJam is available in Ice and Graphite colors and will be sold with either a 32MB or 64MB SanDisk MultiMediaCard configuration."
SanDisk sells MMCs in 16/32/64MB configurations and have pretty good products. I have their CF USB reader that I use for my digital camera, and it works great.

Moving on now, MusicMatch's Jukebox will come bundled with the MiniJam. What does it do? Let's go to the press release:
"Using MusicMatch Jukebox, Visor users can easily download tracks and playlists to the MiniJam player, which fits into the Handspring Visor's Springboard external expansion slot. MP3 tracks can easily be transferred from the desktop to the MiniJam via the Visor's USB-connected cradle. MusicMatch Jukebox also will allow users to transfer other track information to the MiniJam including CD cover art, lyrics and artist information, all of which will be viewable on the Visor screen."
Ok, so now we know that the MiniJam can read ebooks and slideshows and has some cool music software, but when does it come out? We know its this summer, so the MiniJam should come out sometime before the Fall Equinox (Sep. 21).


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