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Update #3: PC Expo day 1

Last Updated Tue Jun 27, 2000 - 5:30 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

This year's PC Expo looks to be a very exciting event for Visor owners. Everyone from InnoGear to Novatel are at the event, showing off some of the Springboard modules that we've been waiting for. Below is a live report from the show:
  • Glenayre's @ctiveLink is an always-on module that can work outside the Visor. Final pricing is not available, but it will be shipping in August.
  • The CUE Radio will have full FM Radio capability and one-way data (email, news, weather, traffic, paging) and will ship before the end of the summer for $159.
  • Symbol's barcode scanning module will hold 2MB of data and is due in August for $159.
  • the HandyGPS is expected to ship within a month at an introductory price of $139. UbiGo is the name of the mapping software that will come with the HandyGPS.
  • The MiniJam from InnoGear is looking really good and should be coming out at the beginning of August. A new product, the InnoPak/2M was on display and will be coming out in September. The SixPak will follow shortly thereafter.
  • I cannot say in one posting all of the possibilities of the Geode GPS module. For now I will say that it will work inside of cars, and Geodiscovery will be making a cover that protects the Visor when you are roughing it. More later.
  • Global Access is now shipping the Memory Access and the InfoMitt Access Springboard Modules. Both modules will be available in all the colors of the "Visor rainbow."
  • The My-Vox ($69.95) from Shinei Technologies and an FM radio called the my-Raydio will be available at the end of July.
  • Hawkins' keynote addressed the future of handhelds including what he believes "killer app" will be for Smart Phones (the user experience). Click here for a C|Net article on the address. We'll also have details of his address later this evening.
  • The Minstrel S Wireless Springboard Modem from Novatel Wireless was announced today, allowing Visor owners to have wireless access from their handheld. Service is expected to be available this fall. We were able to pull up VisorCentral's page just fine during the demonstration. The module is pricey at $369 MSRP, but service providers may offer specials when purchasing their wireless service.
  • Omisky will offer its wireless service using a branded-version of the Minstrel module.
  • GoAmerica will also be selling a branded-version of the Minstrel module that will use its GoWeb services.
  • Gaming in 3D interview with InnoGear's Bob Fullerton
Later tonight we will have in-depth articles with pictures of the various products as well as a picture of the prototype PDA from Sony.


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