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YadaYada Wireless Web shipping

Fri Oct 27, 2000 - 10:51 PM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

YadaYada today started shipping its Wireless Web solution with support for all Visor models according to David Waxman, Director of Business Development.

However, due to potential interference issues, users that are not satisfied with the communication performance of their Visor with Yada’s wireless modem may exchange their original Visor for an optimized unit through a Handspring sponsored program.

Furthermore, YadaYada offers a $100 rebate for VDX owners that purchase a VPL or VPR, and activate their service between October 23 and January 31.

The modem, a branded Minstrel S Springboard module, initially sells for $149 (after rebate mentioned above) with a six-month service contract. Unlimited service is available for $39.95 per month.

The YadaYada’s service is currently in “Phase I”, and allows for accessing of any HTML-created Web site using YadaYada’s wireless Web browser and sends and receives e-mail from up to 6 POP3 e-mail accounts. IMAP support will soon be available.

In addition, users can utilize the "My YadaYada" Web portal to personalize information they would like pushed to their PDAs, such as news, sports scores, stock updates and weather reports.

Non wireless users can take advantage of this this personalized feature for free by using desktop synchronization.

Future versions of the YadaYada software will feature enhancements such as "Alerts," which will allow users to wirelessly receive real-time notices of changes to the information that they have flagged, a universally synchronized PIM (personal information manager), Instant Messenger, and shopping services.

Color will be introduced to the applications shortly.

YadaYada’s Wireless Web software will initially be delivered on CD-Rom, and not included on the modems memory. Later versions will have the software preloaded on the modem for true plug and play experience. A Macintosh installation CD is in the works.


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