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Blue Impact announces TellMan

Tue Nov 7, 2000 - 11:53 AM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson

Blue Impact, a German company, has announced their GPS/GSM/CDMA family of springboard modules.

blue impact aims of becoming a "next generation" technology company for developing 3G and 2G wireless data communication, service and navigation solutions.

We are unsure on the relationship between Blue Impact and Telamarkt, another German company, who has an identical module in development (announced back in May).

TellMan is a combined cell phone and a miniaturized GPS navigation module for the Handspring Visor.

According to Blue Impacts’ detail page four version of the module will be available, including USA GSM and CDMA versions.

TellMan 11+ GSM EU (900Mhz und 1800Mhz) telephone alone with 8 MB memory
TellMan 12 GSM EU (900Mhz und 1800Mhz) with GPS and 8 MB memory
TellMan 22+ GSM USA (PCS version) with GPS and 8 MB memory
TellMan 42+ CDMA with GPS and 8 MB memory

Pricing and availability is unknown. Discuss TellMan here.

Thanks to Mario for the link


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