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VC-Poll: (In)Decision 2000

Thu Nov 9, 2000 - 10:21 AM EST - By James Hromadka

We certainly live in exciting times. The 2000 Presidential election final Florida results are still unknown at this time, and judging by our poll results, the real thing will be very, very close:
Bush 43.63 % (411)
Gore 43.31 % (408)
Nader 5.52 % (52)
Buchanan 0.42 % (4)
Browne 1.38 % (13)
Other 0.32 % (3)
Don't live in U.S. 2.97 % (28)
Not voting 2.44 % (23)
Total votes: 942
Our results are slightly skewed, as someone did some ballot-stuffing on Gore's behalf. We've corrected our polling script to prevent this in the future.

Our new poll is on what you want us to cover the most at the upcoming Comdex. Vote and then post additional comments here.


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