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Sept PDA Dollar Share

Fri Nov 10, 2000 - 11:04 AM EST - By James Hromadka

Well I learned a new term today -- dollar share. NPD Intelect released today statistics on PDAs by dollar share. Considering the Visor is priced lower than many PocketPCs, it's a telling sign of the popularity of the Visor that Handspring beat out all WinCE manufacturers -- Handspring almost made more $$$ than the listed PPC manufactures combined! Here's the table:

Top Five PDA Brands by Dollar Share - Sept. 2000

---- ------------ -----------------
1 Palm 68.8%
2 Handspring 11.2%
3 NEC 4.6%
4 Compaq 4.6%
5 HP 4.3%
---- ------------ -----------------
Source: NPD INTELECT Market Tracking

Also interesting to note is that PDA sales increased 2.5x over Jan-Sep of last year, totalling 2.0 million. It's getting so you can't spit without hitting someone with a handheld. (please don't )


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