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VC-News: Over 60 Prizes in our Countdown to Christmas Contest

Fri Dec 1, 2000 - 2:32 AM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson

The Countdown to Christmas has started, and VisorCental along with our sponsors want to fill your Christmas stockings!

Over sixty items are on the prize list - including a Visor Prism & Deluxe, Minijam, GeoDiscovery Geode, Thinmodem, Eye Module, OmniRemote, My-Vox, Quickoffice, RhinoSkin cases, PDA Panache Styli, Zap!2016/2000, and much more!

Here is how the contest works: Each day from December 1st to Christmas morning, we will ask a new Visor related question. The more unique questions you answer correctly, the higher your chances of winning a prize. See Official Rules and Prize List. Only one entry per person per day.

To be able to be a part of the contest, you need to be a member of our discussion forum (so we can keep track on your score). Not a member? It takes less than 30 seconds to register.


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