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Hawkins hints at non-PalmOS products

Wed Mar 28, 2001 - 9:43 AM EST - By VisorCentral Staff

Jeff HawkinsIn a recent interview with Business 2.0, Handspring co-founder Jeff Hawkins hints at the possiblity of using another OS besides Palm in the future.
"The standard answer is that we're very happy with Palm-and I mean that. All the products we want to build today, we can build with Palm OS. But our relationship is such that we could either license or build another operating system if we wanted to. Long-term, if Handspring grows as large as I think it will-which is very large, because we want to be the leader in mobile computing devices, and I think the future of personal computing is mobile computing-then it's almost certain that we will have products that won't run Palm OS. But that's not a product announcement."
Hawkins has hinted at non-Palm OS products before. Could we see a Visor running Windows CE or some other OS in a year? Sure would make the VC forums interesting.


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