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YadaYada Update

Wed Apr 25, 2001 - 4:38 PM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

VisorCentral recently reported on a reorganization that YadaYada, a wireless service provider, is undergoing. YadaYada CEO Raj Gupta had said that the company is "currently in restructuring mode and will announce a new YadaYada shortly. We are in the process of finding a way of creating a new platform that will continue to use the YadaYada technology for business and enterprise customers."

What the company did not make clear was whether or not there would be any impact to current customers during the reorganization. It didn't help matters when several readers reported problems connecting to the YadaYada service.

YadaYada today informed VisorCentral that the service is not in jeopardy.

The company is not going away and will continue to provide new services:
"YadaYada continues to provide the best wireless Internet Service available in the US. We will continue to provide these services to our customers as per our contract. We are fully committed to keeping our business running as smoothly as before. Infact, we have recently updated the software to include the first color browser for Palm based PDAs. We will continue to innovate and provide state of the art service." -- Raj Gupta, YadaYada CEO
There you have it. I'm glad to see that YadaYada will be alright, as I'm sure are their subscribers.


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