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Yada es nada (again)

Tue Dec 4, 2001 - 6:31 PM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson

Several YadaYada users have e-mailed us the following e-mail this afternoon:

"Thank you for being a valued customer of YadaYada. We regret to inform you that YadaYada will no longer offer its award winning Wireless Internet Service. It will terminate the existing users on Thursday Dec 6, 2001 5:00 pm EST. We suggest that you make alternate arrangements with other service providers such as GoAmerica or with a carrier for Internet access such as AT&T or Verizon. As a convenience, we will provide desktop based Internet access to your email for another week. The email access on the desktop will end on Dec 13, 2001. We have prepared a list of questions that will help you in the transition."

Q. What will happen when the service is shut down?
A. When the service is shut down:
- Your modem will no longer have wireless access to the Internet using the YadaYada Service.
- Your browser will no longer work using the YadaYada proxy servers.
- Your email access on the desktop will work until Dec 13. and then will stop.
- The web site will no longer provide news, weather and stock information.

Q. Will the free service continue?
A. No, the free service (the YadaYada Portal) will also be shutdown.

Q. I was just charged for December!
A. You will be refunded the December charges (in fact we have already
done so).

Q. I had prepaid for 6 months and have 4 months left.
A. You will be refunded a prorated amount based on the amount of time left.

Q. Are there other service providers?
A. Yes there are other service providers such as GoAmerica. However when you go to another service provider you will have to replace your email and browsing services.

Q. What about my warranty?
A. The warranty on the modem will still be honored by Novatel. Call 888-888-9231

Q. Can I still use the modem?
A. You can use your modem with another service provider."

VisorCentral reported back in April on a reorganization that YadaYada, a wireless service provider, was undergoing. YadaYada CEO Raj Gupta said that the company was "currently in restructuring mode and will announce a new YadaYada shortly. We are in the process of finding a way of creating a new platform that will continue to use the YadaYada technology for business and enterprise customers."

What the company did not make clear back then was whether or not there would be any impact to current customers during the reorganization. It didn't help matters when several readers reported problems connecting to the YadaYada service.

YadaYada informed VisorCentral that the service is not in jeopardy, and CEO Raj Gupta stated that "YadaYada continues to provide the best wireless Internet Service available in the US. We will continue to provide these services to our customers as per our contract. We are fully committed to keeping our business running as smoothly as before. Infact, we have recently updated the software to include the first color browser for Palm based PDAs. We will continue to innovate and provide state of the art service."

Unfortunently, it now appears like YadaYada's service will be shutdown permanently.


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