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SnapNType Mini-Keyboard Available

Mon Sep 24, 2001 - 1:19 PM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

TT Tech Limited, a developer and manufacturer of PDA accessory solutions, today announced that the SnapNType mini-keyboard for the Visor is now available for sale.

Unlike other portable keyboards, SnapNType is a slide-in type keyboard that slides in from the bottom of the Handspring Visor and covers the screen area normally used for Graffiti input. According to the company, the design is light weight, ensures a sturdy clasp to the Visor and allows the Visor to stand upright.

The SnapNType mini-keyboard is compatible with all versions of Visor including the two new Visors, the Visor Neo and Visor Pro, except the Visor Edge. The keyboard is also compatible with the Visor Phone and some communication springboard modules, therefore users can easily type and send their emails and SMS instantly without the trouble of plugging and removing the keyboard and springboard module around.

The TT Tech SnapNType for the Handspring Visor is available now for $39.95 at the Handspring store. "SnapNType keyboard for other models such as Palm m500/m505 and iPAQ are right in the development at the moment and they will be available in the coming 2 months. Rather than our SnapNType, we are also launching our SnapNPlay, a vibration game pad, on Oct 23, 2001 via Handspring web site.", said Bernard Chan, Sales & Marketing Manager for TT Tech.


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