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No work, all play with SnapNPlay

Thu Nov 1, 2001 - 9:17 AM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson

TT Tech Limited, a developer and manufacturer of hardware accessory solutions for handheld computers, today started shipping their SnapNPlay vibration game pad. We first got a look at this game pad back at PC Expo in June.

The SnapNPlay consists of an eight directional D-pad, two fire buttons, a vibrator, and application keys such as power, main menu and pull down menu.

SnapNPlay's design allows it to easily attach to a all currently available Visors (except for the Edge) through the USB/serial connector. The main feature of the SnapNPlay is its rumble feature. There is a mini-vibrator built in the unit, which is activated by intercepting the system calls for various sound events. The bundled control panel applications can be used to define different level of shakings.

The SnapNPlay also includes a special "key mapping" program that allows users to configure functions of the game pad buttons according to their preference.

SnapNPlay is compatible with all the Visors just except the Edge. It is currently available for sale at


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