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Why Eye?

Wed Mar 21, 2001 - 11:55 AM EST - By Alan Graham

Saying that the EyeModule2 [review] [buy]  (E2) is a big improvement over the original EyeModule [review] [buy] is like saying that Einstein was just brainy. This is an excellent upgrade in both image quality and hardware/software integration. Regardless of this fact, the two complaints I continue to hear are "ugh, the image quality" and "what would anyone use it for?" If you expect the E2 to replace a $300+ full-sized digital camera, you have unrealistic expectations. I think if you focus solely on the image quality, you are doing it a great injustice. Repeat after me: It plugs into your Visor! It plugs into your Visor! It plugs into your Visor! The possible applications are endless.

I wanted to accomplish four things with this article:

•Prove that with patience and experience you can learn to take great shots with the E2.

•Show that you can improve your E2 photos with a little software tweaking.*

•Show you how to make a telephoto lens for your E2.

•Dispel some of the geek value with real world examples of why you must have one.

*EVERY image here was shot with a Visor Deluxe and an EyeModule2. No modifications were made to the E2 or Visor and all images were taken on the same day within a 30 minute period. To improve each image I used Photoshop 6.0 on a Dell PC with 256MB RAM and a 500Mhz Pentium processor. I later did all the cropping and web preparation in Adobe Livemotion on my Apple iBook. Keep in mind that there has been some jpeg compression used to reduce download time and yet the images still look good. Any of these changes can be made on a less powerful computer with many different software imaging products.

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