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VisorCentral Awards 2001

Last Updated Mon Oct 8, 2001 - 4:29 PM EDT - By VisorCentral Staff

Storage Module of the Year

Handspring was the first company to release a Palm-compatible with 8 MB (and now 16 MB) of RAM, but there is never enough storage space. Springboard module manufacturers have stepped up to the challenge and released modules that allow external storage. Imagine having 128 MB of space to play around with!

MemPlug (any version) by Portable Innovation Technology

The Memplug has redefined storage management on the Visor. Hate HotSync? Just copy applications to the external card and use PiDirect to run them on the Visor. Want to view JPG files? Use PiViewer to view pictures of almost any size. Want the features of VFS that new Palm models have? Done. And with frequent software updates, the Memplug keeps getting better and better.

Hromadka: The Memplug is one of the most useful modules that I have ever used. It backs up the Visor, runs applications and static data from flash, and comes with software for viewing .JPG images. This module is a power user's dream.

Ducker: The Memplug owns the [retail] market in the storage revolution for the Visor. It did this because it was affordable, full featured, and almost flush. Fast-forward six months and now the Memplug has VFS capabilities, better programs, and has changed the way I use my Visor; I'm sure that most people who have the Memplug would agree!

Honorable Mention: FlashPlus
by InnoPocket

When the first InnoPocket CompactFlash module was released back in February, it raised the bar for storage modules.
The FlashPlus is InnoPocket's second generation generation storage module, and
like the MemPlug the software comes bundled on the module. InnoPocket is excellent and very high quality product, and
helped ignited the storage revolution that modules are undergoing.

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