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Best Buy and Handspring

Wed Apr 3, 2002 - 9:27 AM EST - By Michael Ducker

Best Buy has always been one of the more important retailers for Handspring, bringing their products to the masses. The Treo is no exception to this.

Recently the Treo has begun to show up in retail, and more importantly at Best Buy. In some parts of the country Best Buy is only charging $299 for the Treo right now (with service activation). Users have reported that this rebate will only last until Saturday.

I called three of the Best Buys here in MN, and unfortunately all of them had the Treo for the regular price of $399, or $599. Our editor Marcus Adolfsson spotted the Treo in Gainesville, FL for $299 though ($499 without activation).

Also important is that it appears that the Treo's at Best Buy might be locked to Voicestream. This means that the Treo will ONLY work on Voicestream, until the phone is unlocked. Voicestream will unlock the phone after 4 months of continues service.

Next, for the first time EVER, is listing Visor's on it's PDA page. I have never seen this in the history of that site, so it appears that somebody got their act together. No special pricing, just it's there.


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