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Visor Edge Discontinued? Not according to Handspring

Sun Apr 28, 2002 - 12:26 AM EDT - By Michael Ducker

According to this thread on VisorCentral, the Visor Edge is showing up as discontinued in multiple retailers databases.

However, Handspring has informed VisorCentral that the Visor Edge is still in production, and is and will still be available.

Nevertheless, it does appear like the Edge is being phased out from several retail outlets.

This comes as no surprise to me, as right from the start the Edge had dissapointing sales figures. I myself think the Edge is one of the best designs ever for a PDA, but it's initial high price and lack of an integrated springboard slot turned off many people. That and the fact that some people thought it looked like a tuna-fish can.

The Edge has had its price marked down several times with the current price being $199. If it is true that it is being discontinued, it is now the right time to pick up cheap Edges and accesories. (Another plug for Consumer Depot, a reseller of open box and discontinued computer items.)

Why the Edge is special:
  • One of the thinnest and lightest PDA's to date
  • First Handspring PDA without a built-in Springboard slot
  • First (As far as I know) PDA available with colored anodized aluminum casing
  • Included expanded serial and an "edge connector" to help woo developers. It didn't work. Not one edge connector device ever showed up on the market


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