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Visor Edge

Sun Mar 4, 2001 - 12:31 AM EST - By James Hromadka

Updated: Visor Edge

With early pictures of Palm's upcoming m505 circulating the web, one wonders what Handspring has up their sleeve. I saw that Palmstation reported rumors of a thin Visor Edge, which made me wish I would have reported the following sooner...

By doing a Who Is lookup at Network Solutions, I found that Handspring has registered the following domains on November 17, 2000:
Visor Twist? Visor Snap? Is Handspring entering the soft drink business? Purely speculation, but maybe Handspring will release a thin Visor Edge. The Visor Snap could be an external Springboard slot that connects to the Edge when you need to connect a module. The Visor Twist could be the next dance craze that sweeps across the nation.

Marcus adds: PDABuzz is reporting the following information about "the Edge":
  • Monochrome Screen

  • All metal case

  • PalmOS 3.5

  • 8MB RAM

  • Llithium (ion or polymer are uncertain) battery

  • Detachable Springboard adaptor (piggy-back arrangement)

  • The Lightest & thinnest Visor so far - Similar in size to Sony CLIE
Staples also confirms that there is a Visor Edge, as its on its accessory listing for Visors. Looks like we'll have an interesting quarter ahead of us!


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