Blast from the past! We stopped updating VisorCentral in late 2002, but feel free to browse around and feel nostalgic. There are 135 reviews and over a thousand articles in our archives. Also check out an even older version of the site.
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Visor Compatibility
USB Dilemma
September 14th is here
Extensive CNN story
List of accessories growing...
ZDNET & Pencomputing reviews Visor
MP3 Players - Rio X64 & MiniJam
Recap of Tuesday's events
Quo Vadis Handy GPS Receiver
First negative Visor article
Two Visor articles in The New York Times
More Visor articles
What’s So Great about the Handspring Visor?
Shipping internationally next year
Handspring versus Windows CE
Another review of Visor
Why would anyone buy a Palm organizer over a Visor?
Internet World – Visor Launch
SMART Springboard Development
"This is not a one-product company"
Dubinsky interview on PMN
3Com Slashes Palm VII Price by $100
Bluetooth Module Demo at Internet World
Latest PalmPower Issue
Two Infoworld Articles
Visor Deluxe Review at The Gadgeteer
Handspring Website Updated!
InternetWorld set to begin
Handspring Accessories
Visor + Aero 1530 = Competition for 3COM
Visor is ready to ship
Exclusive Interview with Jeff Hawkins
Palm OS 3.3 Release Imminent
Philips Nino Discontinued...
Visor Gets Wired
Springboards at Internet World 99 up but slow
Cutest Couple: Donna & Jeff
Add-ons, the future of Handhelds
Visor Somersaults over Palm
Spotlight on Handspring
Springboard a Universal Standard?
Microsoft on Handspring
A different OS on your Visor?
CNN on Handspring at Internet World
TRG Licenses Palm OS
Possible Delays?
Symbian & Palm Discuss Cross-Licensing
Wireless modem in the works...
No confirmation e-mail for phone orders
Results of Visor Name Poll
More Details on TRGPro
ZDTV gives the Visor 5 Stars
Visor is Shipping
TRGPro Pricing
Innogear modules will work out of the Visor
CNN on PalmSource
Motorola announces DragonBall VZ Processor
Handspring in Color
TRGPro website up
Color screens for the Palm in 2000
Wired Interview with Kessler
Updated Shipping info
Jeff Hawkins says "Keep it Simple"
All this from a block of wood...
Jeff Hawkins Interview
Customer Support Section online
Palm's first TV Ad Campaign
Scanner Springboard for Visor!
InfoBeam Module in early 2000
US Post Office Using Palm Organizers
Widcomm & JP Systems Bluetooth Venture
Handspring Ordering Back Online!
Battle of the Handheld Platforms
Hawkins Hears Plenty of Ideas
Healthcare Workers Use Palm Organizers
Palm organizers in the Classroom
ZDTV on Innogear & Widcomm
Windows CE is Losing (Duh)
Purchase Travel Services over Wireless
Washington Post: Handspring Hamstrung
Palm Pilot-One of the "Top Ten"
Bluetooth to be demonstrated at COMDEX
Visor Vs. Palm
3COM and Handspring hand in hand?
Palm Computing goes Public
Visor Photo?
Launch date by the end of this year?
Handspring Chairman featured at Summit
HandSprings' domain registrations
VisorCentral goes Online
Only sold online until early next year
Visor a Must-Have
Two down, ??? to Go...


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