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Hardware Archive

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Ethernet Cradle
Updated: New sound module
Compact Flash adapter now less than $20
Presenter-to-Go now almost perfect
Buy Prism or Edge — get VisorPhone for $99
Prism dropped to $399
ElectroMedical Research announces Neural Fx Delta and Gamma Modules
VisorPhone Keypad
Japanese "VisorPhone" in October
Color Plates for the Visor
New Compact Flash Adapter from MemPlug
"Plug & Play" Compact Flash
New Edge case from RhinoSkin
VisorPhone now "World Phone" certified
Updated: SpringPort Wireless shipping
More on Xircom's Wireless Ethernet Module
Wireless Ethernet Module available for pre-order
Aluminum Molded Hardcase from Rhinoskin
Dual Hotsync cable from Nxist
CDMA Data Cables for Motorola phones
Cell phone connector module
Updated: Visor Platinum $249 after rebate, Deluxe lowered to $199
Prism in Silver
Sony's new Clié available for preorder
Wireless Ethernet update
Visor parts at
MatchBookDrive + Microdrive = 340MB
New Sensor Module
Screen Quality: Visor Prism vs Clie N700C
Handera330 Announced
Direct Connect Cellular Kits
A printer for the Visor
Gimme a Light
16 & 24 bit measurement modules
A different type of Prism charger
Visor Edge in Japan
VisorPhone Hits retail shelves
MiniJam at a mini-price
Add a Jog Dial to your Visor
CompactFlash has arrived
InnoStation combo cradle
SoundsGood at a good price
Gone Fishing Updates
Inside Visor Edge
Sprint completes test of AirPrime's new 3G CDMA "VisorPhone"
Updated: Palm m500 & m505
Updated: Tellus plans Visor Edge CDPD modem
New Graphite Platinum
Handspring introduces the Visor Edge
MemPlug available
New Step Keeper module
VDX $50 Rebate
802.11 Xircom module in beta
SmartMedia Adapter tester comments
TM+ from the em2
VisorPhone World Phone
CompactFlash Wars - Part III
Mirror Beam
Prism Tax Bundle
Xircom rebate
Thinmodem Plus available
Eyemodule 2 quick impressions
Update: eyemodule2 Announced
Presenter-to-Go announced
Presenter-to-Go Preview
Pocket Ir Printer
The CUE Radio lives
16 MB Flash module at PalmGear
MatchBook Products throws down the glove
CUL8R to the CUE Radio?
Eyemodule 2?
Speedloader and new case from InnoGear
"The Day the SixPak Died"
Finally, CF for the Visor
InnoPocket CF Adapter
Magellan GPS Companion available
Geode quick impressions
UPD: Geode GPS released
Magellan GPS module coming soon
V-Rally module
Geode and Prism Gamestick next week
G24 Internet Communicator System
Cirque Pocket Keyboard
Fiber-Optic Power Meter Springboard
CSM150 Barcode scanner released
Vaja Prism case
SAR of the VisorPhone
Buy a CF Adapter
UPD: Car Adapter for Emergency Charger
SpeedLoader impressions
Preorder the Geode
Upgrade VPL/VPR to 16 MB
SmartMedia Springboard Adapter
YadaYada for free
Standalone @ctiveLink (finally)
Handspring ships VisorPhone
Flip-Clip available
16 MB Memory module
Charge your Prism in your car (upd)


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