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Happy Holidays Already?

Mon Nov 19, 2001 - 9:53 PM EST - By Michael Ducker

It's been more than two years since the Visor Deluxe was released, and it has over those years dropped in price more than $100. Now add another twenty dollars to that discount - the 8 MB Visor Deluxe is available for $129.

If you want a Visor that has been previously loved, the prices are even cheaper. The Visor Deluxe is at the rock bottom price of $99 for a factory reconditioned model. The Platinum is only $149. Colors vary depending on availability.

For all those people out there that don't want to buy a low end Visor - Handspring has made a huge bundle of special deals for you. Along with free shipping when bought from Handspring, each Visor has three different gifts that you can choose from.

Buy a Visor Prism for $299 and receive either a GameFace, Bi-Fold Leather case, or Travel Charger.

Buy a Visor Edge for $299 and receive either a Pen Stylus, a Slim Leather Case or a Zippered Leather Case.

Buy a Visor Pro for $299 and receive either a Bi-Fold Leather case, a Travel Charger, or a Pen Stylus.

Buy a Visor Neo or Visor Platinum for $199 and receive either a GameFace, a Red Sport Case, or a Tiger Woods Module.

This offer is good until December 20th, 2001.


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