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Weight 4.8 oz

Color Silver, Red, Blue

Memory 8 MB

Speed 33 Mhz

OS Palm OS 3.5.2.H

Dimensions 4.7" x 3.1" x .44"

Battery Type Built in Lithium Ion battery

Availability Unknown

Visor Edge by Handspring

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One of the most stunning PDAs in the world, the Visor Edge is very unique. It was Handspring's first thin device, and is made with a anodized aluminum case. It has a 4 bit 160x160 pixel screen, 8 MB of memory, and a blazing fast 33 Mhz processor and an Edge connector. It uses a built in rechargeable battery, and even has a silent alarm. The Visor Edge coems with a cradle, metal stylus, metal flip cover, and a springboard adaptor.

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User Opinions
Thumbs Up  67% Thumbs Down 33%

Thumbs Up

I Love my edge. i bought it off a friend for $50(probably stole it :)) anyways its sleek and FAST. i use fastcpu and it runs 300% faster than the visor pro great buy
by BBQ-J

Thumbs Up

Love the durable case, thin profile and speed!
I bought an Edge today at Best Buy even though they are being discontinued... VERY nice little machine, I have used Palms for years and bought this specifically because of its thin profile and durable casing. Hope they plan on keeping with the Edge tradition and design another PDA just like it!
by cbremmer

Thumbs Up

It's great!
good machine
by Schrader

Thumbs Up

stop debating the finer points of why the m505-etc. overwhelms the edge, this is an edge board.
This one is to all the users out there who haven't owned an edge, or at least used one, get the hell of this board, if you wanna debate the finer points between a m505, and the visor, then do it on your own board, this one is for people who own an edge and for people who want to know about the edge, so bugger off unless you own one or are considering buying one. I personally reccomend the visor because it is the exception to the rule that states a palm based device has to be bulky, and that owning one has to make you look like a nerd. The edge is a machine that is perfect for the discerning student, or the discerning executive.
by crazedclay

Thumbs Up

Excellent upgrade
My Visor basic lasted over 2 years, with no problems. I usd the 8MB Springboard to expand memory, and it was very easy to learn to handle various software programs. But, I just upgraded to the Edge and it is superb: faster, plenty of memory, clear, crisp screen, it handles everythin very well.
by Vizorbek

Thumbs Up

Finally got rid of my Visor Edge
Traded in Palm III (no problems with it) for a Visor Edge. Don't need color, MP3, etc., just a solid organizer with Address Book, DateBook, Avantgo, and Pocket Chess. First Edge stopped working after 2 weeks. Just went dead and could only be restarted by Hard Reset. Handspring sent a replacement, with no hassles. Second Edge developed 2 small cracks and stylus holder broke off. Sent back to Handspring and they sent a replacement, again, with no hassles. Got 3rd Edge and finally sold it today on eBay. The Edge really is a great PDA: thin design, aluminum case & flip cover, and DateBook+, etc. all make this a great PDA. But, quality control problems just didn't warrant keeping the Edge. It just didn't seem reliable and that's really a shame because the Edge's size/design/features are really excellent.. Now looking for a new PDA. May be I'll give the Sony T415 a try, otherwise back to Palm (m500). I really hope Handspring will remake the Edge - don't change a thing, just make it more reliable and sturdier because, with a little more quality, it would make one awesome PDA!
by sribash

Thumbs Up

I've had my edge since June and have not had one single problem with it. I love the thin form factor. People that have an edge love them, the detractors it seems are usually non-owners. Very sleek, especially with the metal case. Very durable and feels solid. An Edge with a color screen and an internal memory card slot like the m505 would be the hot ticket...we'll see.
by cinphilpc

Thumbs Up

Keyboard coming soon
I contacted Targus and got an answer. A keyboard for the edge will be out in October. With that news and a great offer from Dell I bought the Edge! It is simply magnicifcant. I work of art. My last visor was a Deluxe which, unfortunatly, got a cracked screen. With the Edge's durability I doubt that will happen and besides, unlike the deluxe this can fit in my pocket without looking like I'm smuggling a small child.
by CmdrGuard

Thumbs Up

Good Product
For the price $299, I think the Visor Edge is a good catch.
by myvisor

Thumbs Down

No Targue Keyboard
I love how its more durbale than past visor and its thin size but it doesn't support a targus keyboard so it is of no use to me! I've been waiting for some time now and it seems no one is willing to make a fold out keyboard for the edge!
by CmdrGuard

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