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Weight 5.1 oz

Size 5 7/8" x 4 1/8" x 1"

Availability Unknown

Bi-fold leather case by Handspring

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Keep your Handspring Visor or Visor Deluxe safe and protected in a stylish Handspring carrying case.

Handspring cases are the top of the line with styles ranging from executive to casual to hip depending on your mood, or value models that protect your Visor for a great price.

This black leather model is a bifold design that includes three paper pads, pen and stylus holders, card slots, and an extra pocket. A Velcro leather tongue provides a secure closure. The case measures 6 by 4 inches.

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User Opinions
Thumbs Up  53% Thumbs Down 47%

Thumbs Up

If you need a bit more than the Slim Case
I am a loyal fan of the Visor Slim Case ... however ... for someone who needs something a little more like a wallet, this is definitely the way to go. All the great features of the slim case plus more!
by alight

Thumbs Up

Good case!
When I was looking for a case for my Visor, I immediately looked at this one. It was on sale for $29.95, and for that price, it's a good deal! I like having the case also double as my wallet, and it keeps me from having to carry both. The Visor fits in the case with no problems, and I've not had it fall out. I'd strongly recommend this case!
by DanaWheels

Thumbs Up

Use it Daily, works great
I have been using the case for awhile now, and it has been great. For a student in school, the velcro is a bit loud and does call attention to you. Besides that, it works great and holds my pilot pentopia pen in there too ;)
by KnightM

Thumbs Up

Very useful
I enjoyed having paper to write on, more pockets to store items, and I think this is a very smart design!
by SvZurich

Thumbs Down

Bad craftmanship, Costly, Bulky
Lower expectation!
by An overseas Prism user

Thumbs Up

Nice but not secure.
I bought the $49.95 case with my Platinum. The case is nice. On the other hand, the way the visor "clips" into the bi-fold is not something I'd bet on holding my $300 plastic toy. The black sewn in clip holds the Visor about as secure as if I were carrying the visor around by the tips of my finger nails. Case nice. Method to secure visor in case - risky at best.
by VisorUser

Thumbs Down

too bulky
I bought this case because it was the only one available for my prism, i liked the fact that it doesnt use velcro, but once you start to put a couple of credit cards in it, it starts to get really thick really fast. A zipper option would be really cool.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Decent Case
I spent a lot of time reading about cases before I decided to commit to this one. I was disapointed to find that the case doe not hold my Visor as "tightly" as I had expected. My Visor will fall out if I move the case or the device a bit when it is open. Other than that, the case is very nice, it fits well in my jacket's chest pocket, and it is secure when closed. I think a zippered version would be a nice option.
by DB-AK

Thumbs Up

Bulky, but it works
Here's a tip: Don't buy this case unless you really want to replace your wallet. If you do want a wallet/Visor-case combo, this thing can't be beat. It takes a while to break in, but it's worth the wait. Also, if you're going to gripe about price, then you shouldn't have dropped a couple hundred bucks to buy a PDA. Use a paper calendar instead.
by Chip

Thumbs Up

It suits me
I work in the AV industry. I've gone through three Visors due to them being cliped on my belt moving gear & cases. Lean the wrong way over something and CRACK. Now that I use the bi-fold. This forces me to carryfully place it elsewhere to do extrenious work. With my DL and C-Cards in it, I never forget it.
by Anonymous

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