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Color Silver, Graphite

Memory 8 MB

Speed 33 Mhz

OS Palm OS 3.5.2.H

Battery Type 2 AAA Alkalines

Weight 5.4 oz

Dimensions 4.8" x 3.0" x 0.7"

Availability Discontinued

Visor Platinum by Handspring

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With a fast processor, 8 MB of memory, and a professional silver or grahpite case, the Visor Platinum rocks! The Visor Platinum comes with a cradle, metal stylus, and a hard cover cover. It has a Springboard expansion slot, and has special software exclusive to Handspring models.

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User Opinions
Thumbs Up  92% Thumbs Down 8%

Thumbs Down

I have had this one since it came out and nothing beats it for the price. Oh ya can you say, SPRINGBOARD. I will never upgrade to a Treo unless the have a springboard adapter.
by cyberjunkie74

Thumbs Up

Fast, AAA batteries, and Reliable
I've heard it beat the Pro in benchmark test, and although it only has 8mb of RAM, with Flash Memory and MemoryPlug, who cares!
by Breeceeall

Thumbs Up

Awesome at its price!
I love my handy lil visor. I just wish they had put in more memory like 16mb, that would make it the BEST VISOR EVER!!!
by ataheri

Thumbs Up

most bang 4 the price
by namja

Thumbs Up

slightly faster than VDX, nice screen (16 greys), better OS
speed increase with respect to DX is slightly disappointing, screen is great, OS3.5 gives better compatibility for new applications
by roelev

Thumbs Up

useable in daylight for HandyGPS
I have the HandyGPS and the Platinum is viewable in bright daylight. Replaced Prism. Other uses in paperless Intel FAB with MemPlug to view Field Service Procedural PDF files. Beam illustrations and diagrams to Canon portable printer using IR.
by calhoe

Thumbs Up

Got it for Christmas
What a great present. It's my first PDA but it's solid and fast. It's nice having the world at your fingertips ;)
by ashman

Thumbs Up

Price is just right
I would definately recommend the Platinum to anyone who wants to purchase a PDA. You can't beat the quality, and the price is in an affordable range.
by Stanward

Thumbs Up

I am now hooked but want thin with color
This is the place to be. The modules are great. I just wish that the edge could manage the modules in a better form factor way. I want a color edge. The Platinum has hooked me on the PDA life.
by ronnielc

Thumbs Up

It has the speed and the expandability
Now, the Visor Deluxe, at it's reduced price, is a wantable bargain. I like the case colors, wish the Platinum had them. But the enhanced operating system and increased speed (only important if you are using memory hungry programs), make the Platinum my choice. Otherwise, spend less and buy the Visor Deluxe in your favorite color.
by stephen49

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