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Holiday 2001 Gift Ideas

Thu Dec 6, 2001 - 10:52 AM EST - By VisorCentral Staff

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Visor Prism by Handspring
The Visor Prism was the first color Visor, and was the first 16 bit color Palm OS device.
Price: $299.00
Visor Pro by Handspring
The Visor Pro has the most memory for any Palm OS handheld. Add a rechargable battery, and you got one fine PDA!
Price: $299.00
Visor Edge by Handspring
One of the most stunning PDAs in the world, the Visor Edge is one of the lightest and thinnest.
Price: $249.00
Visor Neo by Handspring
With a slick clear case, a fast processor, and 8 MB of memory, the Visor Neo is the best value all around.
Price: $199.00
Visor Deluxe by Handspring
The best selling Visor ever, the Visor Deluxe has 8 mb of memory, and a monochrome display.
Price: $129.00
Memory & Storage
MemPlug Smart Media by Portable Innovation Technology
MemPlug SmartMedia Adaptor is the first Handspring Springboard module which uses low cost yet flexible removable memory cards for memory expansion.
Price: $49.95
16 MB Flash Module by Hagiwara Sys-Com
Carry large applications such as e-books, dictionaries, games and more while keeping your internal memory free for more important things—like names, addresses, appointments and to dos with this 16 MB expansion module.
Price: $114.99
Backup & 8MB Flash Module by Hagiwara Sys-Com
As its name suggests, this is a 2-in-1 Springboard module. It combines two important features into one single module.
Price: $94.99
8MB Backup Springboard Module by Handspring
This Handspring backup module lets you back up the entire contents of your Visor with one touch of a button.
Price: $39.99
Entertainment Pack by Pocket Express
8 popular games including Tetris, Lode Runner, PocketChess, blackjack, and solitaire for Handspring handhelds.
Price: $39.99
Pocket Recipes by Pocket Express
Pocket Recipes gives you the ultimate convenience - you always have your recipes with you. The recipes and reference databases combined with a complete desktop companion make meal planning and preparation easier and more convenient than ever before.
Price: $39.99
powerOne Graph by Infinity Softworks
Turn any Visor into a powerful graphing calculator with over 230 math, science and graphing functions.
Price: $59.99
Visor Stylus Rainbow Pack by Handspring
Don't get caught without a stylus again. The rainbow pack is a fun and useful upgrade for your Visor.
Price: $15.95
4-in-1 PDA Stylus Pen by Belkin
Get more out of your stylus with the Belkin 4-in-1 PDA Stylus Pen.
Price: $14.99
Custom Visor Stylus by PDA Panache
PDA Panache deluxe stylus upgrade for your Handspring Visor™ PDA.
Price: $14.95
GPS Companion by Magellan
GPS System that provides detailed navigation information and street maps for the United States.
Price: $149.99
HandyGPS by Nexian
Nexian's HandyGPS Springboard module is a 12-channel global positioning system receiver with an integrated mapping application from UbiGo.
Price: $124.99
Stowaway by Targus
The only full-size keybaord that can fold up into the palm of your hand, the Stowaway is unbeliveable.
Price: $99.99
Thumboard by Seiko Austin
The ThumBoard makes it easy to type text into Visor on the go - with no tables, no infrared linkups, and no cables.
Price: $39.99
GoType Pro by LandWare
The LandWare GoType keyboard for the Visor enables you to enter text into your organizer with minimal setup time.
Price: $69.95
SpringPort Wireless Ethernet (802.11) by Xircom
Connect your Visor for wireless access in an IEEE 802.11b Wireless Local Area Network
Price: $299.99
Thinmodem Plus by Card Access
Thinmodem PLUS 8MB of memory! Get memory and connectivity while keeping your Visor slim and sleek.
Price: $149.99
VisorPhone by Handspring
Transform your Visor handheld into a powerful communications tool with VisorPhone.
Price: $99.00 (w/o Service Activation)
Free (w/ Service Activation)
Eyemodule 2 by Handspring
Turn your Visor into a super-convenient digital camera with eyemodule2.
Price: $199.00
MiniJam by InnoGear
Instantly transform your Handspring Visor into an MP3 player with the MiniJam Springboard module from InnoGear. Just drag-and-drop MP3 files from your desktop to the MiniJam using the included transfer program, then listen to CD-quality sound on your Visor--and you can even read e-books and view images.
Price: $199.99 (64MB)
OmniRemote by Pacific Neo-Tek
Infrared Extender for the Visor Handheld Organizer.

Price: $59.95
Titanium Slider case by RhinoSkin
If you want the very best in protection for your Visor, you should look at the Titanium (Ti) Slider from RhinoSkin.
Price: $61.99
RhinoPak 1100 by RhinoSkin
Bring along the essentials!
Price: $19.95
Slim Leather Case by Handspring
Visor Handheld case with room for three credit cards and a slot for ticket stubs or cash.
Price: $24.95
Bi-fold leather case by Handspring
Keep your Visor safe and protected in a stylish carrying case.
Price: $49.95



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