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Fact Sheet & User Opinions

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Works with Visor, Deluxe, Platinum, Neo, Pro, Prism and Edge

Size - open 13.8 x 5.1 x .4 in.

Size -closed 3.6 x 5.1 x .8 in.

Availability Unknown

Stowaway by Targus

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The Targus Stowaway portable keyboard folds to the size of your Handspring Visor hand-held computer so you can take it anywhere.

This full-size keyboard fits in your pocket, is compatible with Palm OS 3.1 or later, and features shortcut and function keys for maximum efficiency.

In order to eliminate cumbersome cables, Targus developed this keyboard with a docking station for the Handspring Visor.

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User Opinions
Thumbs Up  94% Thumbs Down 6%

Thumbs Up

Stowaway works with NEO!
You didn't put your email address on your post otherwise I would have emailed you. Yes, it works with the Neo. I have one and it works fine. You just have to play with getting the Neo to fit on it... it's sometimes tight. Make sure you have the keyboard for Visor NOT Visor Edge.
by DanaWheels

Thumbs Up

Compact and works well
I've had a Stowaway keyboard for over 6 months and it's worked great with my VDx, and later my Platinum. Sure, it's not very sturdy, but I've been very careful with it, and it hasn't let me down yet. Plus, you gotta love the "ooooh" factor you get when you fold it out in a public place. :) For me, the biggest plus is that it's so portable -- I can carry it with me, and nobody knows I'm carrying around an entire keyboard!
by origamian

Thumbs Down

Stowaway not for NEO!
I guess it was just a rookie thing, but I could not put my new Visor Neo into the keyboard. A call to Targus confirmed that the Stowaway is not compatible with the Neo. Is it just me?
by rbiel

Thumbs Up

writing on a beautiful winter day...
i write. that's what i do and that's what i love. and i was stuck for so long using a laptop or pen and paper... then came the visor... and then i kept thinking...churning...that it'd be nice to have some kind of semblance of the free-flowing expression that i have when i use a laptop or normal keyboard, but on my visor... i bought this rather overpriced keyboard that i dropped [err..] on the first day... and i thought about returning it a few days later. but, today, waiting for the train, i pulled out the keyboard and my visor and starting writing. and i wrote. i didn't fumble with the on screen keyboard. i didn't screw around with graffiti trying to go slow and writing in the correct way. nope. none of that. i just wrote. sure, there were a few misspells here and there, but... heck, that's what a spellchecker is for, right? right? at any rate, it was lovely, and i realized the value and freedom that i had with a full sized keyboard in my lap. [bloody well wish they had a pass through, though....] -be well- -zooey- "bugger this...i want a better world..." [j. sparks, 1900-1999]
by -zooey-

Thumbs Up

nicely made
Targus does a nice job with quality. Makes me want to consider their other products
by rnunnink

Thumbs Up

It's great
I've had my stowaway for about 6 months and it has worked flawlessly. I can't think of a better add-on to the Visor.
by rb561

Thumbs Up

Makes a Visor twice as cool!
Just think, your Visor and this keyboard can run rings around the original Apple Macintosh! Yes, and it beats a laptop for those long flights - try putting your Sony VAIO in your back pocket!
by JL_in_Vail

Thumbs Up

Very convenient and compact
After purchasing this keyboard, I was happy and a bit spoiled. I was thinking, "I do not need to know Graffiti anymore." This keyboard is so small, you can fit it in any pocket of your bag/backpack/briefcase. Software is great as well. No aparent glitches so far. Highly recommended, though a bit pricey.
by Stanward

Thumbs Up

No more laptop when on the road
Got my Stowaway and Thinmodem teamed up with my Visor Platinum, now I carry right at a pound when traveling instead of 10. the keyboard itself is wonderful, it has just as good feel to the keys as my laptop. It's nice to have a full sized keyboard too, I tried the GoType and the keys seemed too small. My only complaint is that the middle hinge doesn't lock. Oh well.
by ashman

Thumbs Up

A MUST for all Visor users
Probably one of the best, if not the best, accessories for the Visor. An absolute must for those who take notes, work on spreadsheets, do email, etc.Targus' case that holds both the Prism and keyboard together is a great way to keep everything together.
by jhappel

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