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Hard Cover Compatible: Yes

Weight: 0.8 oz.

Memory: 16K on Visor when inserted

Size: 2.13" x 2.22" x .35"

Availability Discontinued

SoundsGood MP3 Player by Good Technology

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Good Technology's SoundsGood AudioPlayer module snaps into the Springboard slot of your Visor and turns it into a full-fledged MP3 player with great sound quality and enough features to put many competing players to shame.

The device comes with 64 MB of integrated memory to provide over an hour of MP3 audio.

Good Technology has somehow managed to cram the equivalent of a CD player into a standard-size Springboard module that doesn't compromize much on features.

The 64 MB of memory can not be expanded, but the SoundsGood with its high transfer speed and long battery life will not leave you disappointed.

See VisorCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  66% Thumbs Down 34%

Thumbs Up

It doesn't quite have all the features of MiniJam, but it still does the job efficiently without any problems
It's been about 2 years since both types of MP3 springboard modules for the Visor handheld came out. Although I've had my heart set on buying ANY decent module that plays MP3s, I was NOT willing to pay $250+ for it. So now after waiting a long time and checking back on any price drops, I instead end up in the aftermath of it all; with SoundsGood creators completely discontinuing this product and Innogear having more time to "grow" on their product line from before. Needless to say, I was lucky enough to find this module online after being discontinued for soooo long, but as far as why I choose this over the MiniJam, its mostly due to the wealth of reviews i have access to about both products. Minijam Is quite nice, but even ignoring all the hardware, software, battery, and size issues that's apparent in several of its reviews, the minijam and its MMC are hardcoded for MP3 music only, and still are as of now, so you aren't really getting all of that good stuff they say it comes with, like file storage and voice recording (not yet anyways... but it Has been about 2 years now). Load times are quite slow, so if you don't want to "rough it out", you'll need to buy the SpeedLoader. My Visor doesn't have standard issued rechargeable batteries, and to avoid any power fluctuations associated with NiCD and NiMH batteries, i probably won't use them, and 3 - 5 hours of battery life just doesn't cut it for me. More importantly, I consider both MP3 models to be a nice temporary fix to getting music on the road, and not exactly a full fledged MP3 player (similar to what the eyemodule is to a real digital camera), so I’ll be using this primarily on casual travel, and not when i'm going to be doing some major mobile jamming. To me, my Visor is just too valuable, and getting “mass” music while unnecessarily exposing the screen and fumbling around at hard to reach buttons or a sleep/auto-sleep mode that actually requires you grab your stylus and click away to turn it back on typically aren’t as safe and convenient as with a real mp3 player when you’re on the move. The soundsgood just seemed better suited for travel, despite some of its limitations. Sure, it would've been SPECTACULAR if the SoundsGood module also came in 128MB or better yet 256MB flash memory sizes, but at its core, it does what it says rather nicely. If its expandibility you want without the setbacks, extra costs and the waiting for new features to come in that minijam has shown, get a REAL mp3 player.
by ackmondual

Thumbs Up

boogie and shake that thang!!
Pros: fits well, fast load, easy to use, sounds great, minimal battery drain, stylish on PDA Cons: hour worth of music, not expandable The Bottom Line: Get it while they're still around. Recommended: Yes This module is an awesome piece of technology and a great addition to my growing collection of springboard modules. In fact, I'm listening to it right now. price ============= i bought mine brand new at ebay at a pretty good price -$107. can't understand why one of the past reviewers paid $250?!?! ... ahhh, the joys of discovery. ease of use =================== i was anxious about the sound quality and how simple it would be to use the product. when it arrived, i was listening to my mp3s in no time. it takes about 4-5 min to fill up 64 MBs (i have a USB connector), took me about a minute to load the PC desktop software, and about 4 minutes for me to look for my favorite songs. my point is, it is very, VERY easy to use. in fact, the instruction booklet is probably useless. their step-by-step booklet can summed up as... 1) place module in visor, 2) plug into visor into cradle, 3) find songs on desktop, 4) click "Move it" button, 5) wait for upload to finish, 6) listen and enjoy ;). The visor applications load onto the visor when the springboard is plugged in and are removed when the springboard is removed. springboard controls on visor ===================================== the visor PDA controls are pretty straightforward. there are two applications loaded onto the visor, Good Audio and Good Connect. Good Audio is the player, Good connect connects you to your Desktop PC and waits for you to load songs. You can switch between the two applications by stylus pointing to a switching button. volume adjustment can be through two methods, the stylus controlled volume lever or a jog-dial on the top of the module. Play, fast forward, fast reverse, and stop are controlled in a similar fashion. The play/stop button on the module also acts as a status LED as a notification that the player is on. So, even if your visor auto-shuts off, you'll be able to recognize that songs are playing. You can also slow-forward or slow-reverse using the stylus controlled slider. Lets see, there are four other buttons on the PDA software that do the following: 1) Details - provides details about mp3 track such as playing time, file size, bit rate, sample rate, title, artist, album, track #. you can also delete songs from here or look at details for the previous or next song. 2) Track - shows list of songs loaded and you can select a song to jump to it. 3) Mode - normal play, repeat 1 song, repeat all songs, shuffle 4) Tone - bass and treble controls, frequency (not quite sure what these do yet) Sound Quality Sound is great coming from such a little device. The earphones that came with it are fine to me (compared to what other reviewers have posted). They sound really clear. The module works great with my pair of huge, earmuff style headphones, too. Accessories ================== The module came shipped with a carrying pouch. I use it to carry the earphone that came with it, other springboard modules, springboard slot cover, and my smartmedia cards. I also received a software CD and an instruction booklet of about 15 pages. the software CD came with musicmatch jukebox. why i chose the soundgood player ==================================== it seems when it comes to mp3 players for the visor, there are only 2 choices, innogear's product or soundgood. i chose the soundgood because it fits very well on the visor - no bulky apparatus that extends past the top of the visor. 1 hour worth of about 10-12 different songs is fine with me. 1 hour is long enough for me for any situation where i would put on headphones and listen to tunes. for those who want to listen to more songs, it would be a drawback. the soundgood product is about $50 cheaper that innogear's as of this writing. miscellaneous FYI ========================= i found out that the company that makes this module has stopped making the mp3 player and is planning to sell different kinds of products. not quite sure of the reason why they stopped developing springboard modules or what their next product will be. not much information on the company website about that kind of info. hope this helps! Amount Paid (US$): 107.00
by bronzefury

Thumbs Up

SoundsGreat should be the name
I was really stuck trying to decide on the expandibility of the Innogear or the form-factor of the Soundsgood. Considering I'm a business professional with a need for low-profile modules, it was a no-brainer choosing the Soundsgood. It fits and runs with the standard hardcover and case. The free leather case that came with my visor doesn't however. No worry, it was free. On to the functionality... Loading songs is a snap with the USB cradle and integrated software. I loaded 63MB of music in 4 minutes. Battery usage will vary depending on whether you are using your Visor at the same time or just listening to music. I have the FullCharge battery from eXtend so I don't have to worry about using up juice. The sound is impressive. The bass and tone controls give you added flexibility with some additional Hz settings. The earbuds do take time getting used to, but they fit and feel fine now. If they hurt or don't fit, buy some that do. I usually never liked the stock headphones that come with Walkmans, etc. The form-factor has to be the biggest advantage. I'd rather have something that fits my case, than something that can possibly be expanded with potentially expensive media cards. Price difference... Innogear for $199 Amazon has the Soundsgood for $139. I got it for $149 and it went down $10 a week later. You won't regret getting this killer mod. A tip from the Icepick
by theicepick

Thumbs Up

i like it
i really do
by namja

Thumbs Up

great product
Just got my SoundsGood, and I love it....interface is easy to use, the GoodDesktop gives *blazing* fast file transfers, and since I put my Prism in its cradle every other day, battery life is not an issue! Lucked out and found it on eBay for $100....worth every penny!
by erzeszut

Thumbs Up

back EnergyPack
Sounds Good module itself is simply awsome but the Energy Pack can use better manufacturing - the unit shuts off at the slightest motion. I am sending it back to for replacement.
by AiYuBin

Thumbs Up

Perfect Module
It's great, fast transfer rate and fits into the Springboard slot just nice... To the Mac users, just because it ain't support mac doesn't warrant a influx of people giving negative comments. That's too selfish in my opinion.
by stormrider

Thumbs Up

SoundsGood? SOUNDS GREAT!!
Being my first ever Springboard module, I must say that I was very impressed with SoundsGood and the optional EnergyClip battery pack that I just cannot seem to put it down! The sound is excellent, it holds just enough music to not become repetitive or simply too lengthily to listen to, and the controls look awesome on my Prism and are extremely easy to use. I received my SoundsGood right as I was rushing out the door for work, and couldn't wait to give it a try. I ran up to my PC, slapped in the module, installed the software, and imported my favorite tunes. In five minutes, I transferred 62 MB of music and was in my car with just enough time. In fact, for the first time at my present job, I was on time -- rather than early. Anyway, in a nutshell, if you want an awesome module that fits flush with your Visor and does what it is supposed to do (provide great sounding music), save your hard earned cash and go with this impressive module. Sure, the Minijam looks cool and has a lot more features, but do you want all of those bells and whistles or just something that lets you hear 'em!?
by LightPoet

Thumbs Up

Form and Function
This module is exactly the kind of added value I wanted when I purchased a Visor instead of a Palm as my PDA. The easy to use interface and small form factor are a superb example that function and value do not require multitudes of over engineered and useless features. It does what I want it to do, simply and efficiently. The recent reduction in price makes it an even better value.
by Falstaff

Thumbs Up

Love Love LOVE IT!
I am an excercise junkie, and there is NO WAY I would bring my visor into my gym without my custom case. SG is sleek and I can leave my visor in the case while I use the module. That's the reason I purchased the SG over Minijam. So glad I did, because an added benefit that I've discovered that I didn't plan on is that I can track my workout on my visor the same time I'm jammin' to the tunes. I also love the lightning-fast transfer speed - I like to vary the music I listen to about every 7 days or so, so I don't get bored, and I don't want to spend a lot of time on the computer just waiting around for music to download. The simple interface - both on the desktop and the visor software are awesome, too. I love the fact that it had great big "buttons" so you can us the touch-screen with your fingers. When you're all sweaty and gross, you don't want to have to dig out the stylus and look for itty bitty things to touch. Just press and go. One last thing - I even wrote to the SG team @ Good Technology, just to let them know how much I like it, and they actually wrote me back! The sent me a link to the StepKeeper, highlighted on this site, and attached a file with some SG tips as well. This is the best $270 I've spent in a long time. Love, Love, LOVE IT!!!
by Badmoaz

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