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Memory: 37 K on Visor when inserted

Weight: 1.4 oz.

Size: 2 x 2 x 1-1/8

Hard Cover Compatible: No

Availability Unknown


MiniJam by InnoGear

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The MiniJam is compatible with the Springboard external expansion slot from Handspring, which provides for fast, easy, plug-and-play installation of the MiniJam to the Visor. No software drivers or special adapters are needed.

Using the included 64 MB MultiMediaCard, you can store about 30 minutes of MP3 audio. The MiniJam comes with two MMC slots, allowing you to store up to 128 MB (using two 64 MB MMCs). It is compatible with both PC (Windows 98 or 2000) and Mac (Mac OS 9.0 or later) systems that support a USB connection. Transfer files from your desktop to your Visor with the easy-to-use MJLoader application.

The MiniJam comes preloaded with several multimedia applications. The MiniJukeBox MP3 player enables you to control all functions--such as play/pause, fast-forward/reverse, volume, playlist, and equalization--by tapping the Visor's screen. You can also access these functions via buttons on the top of the MiniJam module. Additionally, the MusicMatch Jukebox desktop application is included along with an upgrade code to MusicMatch Plus (a $19.95 value).

You can use the included Peanut Reader to store and read e-books, newspapers, and magazines, which can be downloaded from (most books use only a few hundred kilobytes). You can also transfer photos and images to view on your Visor using AlbumToGo from Club Photo. Images can be viewed individually or in a slide show format, and you can easily add notes and descriptions to images and beam files to other Palm OS handhelds.

See VisorCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  67% Thumbs Down 33%

Thumbs Down

Minijam was great, now sucks
When I first got my miniJam i loved it, and didn't even care that I couldn't store files on the MMC cards as promised. However, as I've had it for some time, it has started to suck. First, it no longer transfers music in either Windows or Linux using both MusicMatch and MJLoader. It won't reformant one of my MMC cards, in fact, it crashes when it tries to access it. I don't mind the battery problem as I have rechargeables, but I can no longer stand its stupid GUI and all of the problems other people have mentioned. I would much rather have a Zaurus at this point (It has built in MMC support and headphones) for playing MP3's because it is much easier to use, and transfer music to.
by compnski

Thumbs Up

Doesn't crash prism like soundsgood did.
I bought a soundsgood a couple months ago and returned it after I couln't erase my songs from it.After the minijam got cheaper I purchased one and am very pleased.The only problem is some brands of mmc cards can make it sound bad while others sound good.
by rainman_60103

Thumbs Up

Excellent Sound Quality! Easy to use!
This MP3 player has excellent sound quality and is easy to use. I only wish that the form factor was smaller. Overall, I would recommend it to everyone!
by Tworhythms

Thumbs Down

Horrible, two bad units in a row!
First unit I purchased, came with broken ear bud earphones. Also the first unit's LED would not work. It only lights up red, but never would light up green. Second unit I received, crashed my Visor several times. Would not play the MP3's on my MMC cards. Volume would be all whack. Innogear needs to get better quality control!
by Stanward

Thumbs Down

software nightmare
I oredered one directly from Innogear with a SpeedLoader. It took 2 weeks to get here. the software loaded fine, then the trouble started... It took me 3 trys to get 1 song to load without crashing. my system would blue screen everytime I booted with the loader attached. the MJLoader didn't work. I uninstalled and reinstalled and was finaly able to get some songs transfered. I tried to play them and had snaping and poping in everyone of the songs, noises that were definatly not in the origional MP3. one week later I've got an RMA and it's going back on Monday.
by Tas_Burfoot

Thumbs Up

great deal!
Mini Jam is everything that we asked for a MP3 Player. Even when turned the Visor off you still can foward, rewind the songs. Amazing! Congrats! Now, just need to be able to record voice and data on the MMCs! :)
by Polska

Thumbs Up

Good product with room to grow
The price drop to $199 for the 64 meg version finally convinced me to take the plunge, and I'm pretty glad I did. I like the expandability using standard MMC cards, as well as the potential to store other kinds of data on the cards besides MP3s. I carry too many things in my bag already, so it's nice to have an integrated unit like this that adds so much functionality to my Visor Platinum. True, it does suck down the batteries quicker, but I switched to NiMH rechargables some time ago which helps out a lot. It's true that the Mac software is somewhat paltry, but I never had any problem downloading multiple MP3s at the once (though I wish the downloads were faster, or that InnoGear would come out with Mac drivers for their MMC writer). Sound quality is surprisingly good, the extra bulk is not much of an inconvenience for me. All in all, one of my better impulse buys!
by cipater

Thumbs Up

good product, expandable
I've had the minijam for a few months now and am very happy with its quality. Transfers through the hotsync cradle are very slow, but using the independent card writer accesory they become very fast (about 10x faster). Writing 64MB to the card took ~30min through hotsync, but 3-4 min with the accessory that doesn't use the visor but writes directly to the MMC card. I wish more skins were available. In comparison to the soundsgood player, this is the better deal since it is expandable. I have not noticed much battery degradation on my Visor Prism, which uses internal LiOn batteries with more power instead of standard AAA. Given the $99 price of 64MB MMC cards, the minijam price of $249 makes a lot of sense.
by gordboy

Thumbs Down

It's not as small as the Sounds Good MP3
This product is a very good one, considering the price. Overall, SoundsGood MP3 player is a little better in sound quality.
by Ryan

Thumbs Down

Mac support is limited
I bought it, and I decided to return this machine. They provide only Mac support software called MiniJam browser. You can drag and drop your MP3 file from Mac finder to MiniJam browser window for transfer music data. However, this software have difficulty when I drop more than one file. It means, I should drop one MP3 file, then wait for a while of transfer, then drop another MP 3 file.... what a time consuming process! Plus, MiniJam doesn't bundle any MP3 software. You should download software from Music Match. Even so, Mac version of Music Match doesn't have Mac version of plug-in soft for Music Match, so once you convert your music to MP3 from your CD, you should deal with MiniJam browser. Document said Windows version has MiniJam plug-in, and file trancfer may not so pain as I experienced (I haven't tested yet). Overall, if you are Mac user, I'm not to recommended to buy MiniJam.
by pierref

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