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Works with Visor, Deluxe, Platinum, Neo, Pro and Prism

Weight 0.3 oz

Refill No

Fits Visor Yes

Size 4 1/4" x 3/16"

Availability Unknown

Visor Pen Stylus by Handspring

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A dual function pen and stylus all in one!

Features a ballpoint pen cleverly integrated in the stylus body with a handy reset pin hidden under the top.

Removing the stylus tip reveals the pen; the cap then fits securely on top of the stylus.

See VisorCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  71% Thumbs Down 29%

Thumbs Up

Fits my Prism perfectly!
Very handy and useful to those who remember to take their Visor and keep forgetting about their pen!
by jespi48356

Thumbs Down

Very disappointing for the price I paid.
I was happy to pick this pen/stylus up at CompUSA for use because a stylus plus a pen would be useful (as a person who always forget to carry a pen, it very useful). I also liked that it would easily fit in the stylus silo. I paid the $14 for the pen and immediately began to use it. It was very disappointing. The build quality is very bad, for some reason the pen portion of the stylus is not straight (plastic section). It's crooked and very annoying to write with. The ink also fluctuates so occasionally I have ink and then there is none. I also can't see if the ink is replaceable, the pen won't come out. The unscrewable portion with the reset pin is very flimsy and it will eventually bend and break. The only good thing about this stylus is that it's great as a stylus, works very smoothly over my WriteRights. I am very disapointed and would not recommend this stylus/pen to anyone, I just picked up a Dr. Grip pen/stylus and hope that works better.
by mysterie

Thumbs Down

ink flow is poor
Good idea, but the pen portion is like writing with a cheap $.18 pen whose ink is dry. Fails to work on some papers effectively, and I continually have to 'test it' on a scrap piece of paper to get the ink to flow.
by kad

Thumbs Up

Got it, use it, like it.
It a little lighter than the deluxe stylus that came w/ my visor, but it works well. It is very handy. I also keep post-it notes in the blank springboard cover, so they are always available to write on for the PDA challenged.
by whtshadow

Thumbs Up

handy stylus
I like having the reset pin and a pen in one stylus. I agree with other reviewers about the poor workmanship on the plastic casting. But I just used a small pocket knife to trim off the excess material. It should have been better made considering the price. No excuse from Handspring.
by zoomhead

Thumbs Up

Stylus Plus
I have needed a pen when none were around. Since I carry the Visor with me at all times, I will also always have a pen too.
by Ron

Thumbs Up

Very Handy Stylus
This stylus is just the thing to have if you sometimes only have your Visor in a meeting and need a pen. The weight is much better than the stock stylus and it fits in the Visor silo without a problem.
by Dellito

Thumbs Down

I'm very disappointed with this product. The workmanship on the one I got is quite shoddy (excess material, etc.), particularly given the price. All in all, I recommend you take a pass on this.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

This stylus seems a little flimsy but you can't deny its utility. It would be better if it matched my Ice Visor. Its main advantage is that it's the only pen stylus that fits in the Visor slot (that I know of anyway).
by Nathan Silva

Thumbs Up

Convenient Stylus
The Visor Pen Stylus is a vast improvement over the piece of plastic shipped with the Visor. The stylus fits well in the silo and the increased weight improves handrwiting recognition. The Visor Pen Stylus also has a better tip than the standard Visor stylus. In addition to a decent pen the stylus also has a reset pin located under a screw cap at the other end. One potential downside seems to be inability to refill pen when it runs out.
by Rob E.


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