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Hard Cover Compatible: Yes

Color: No

Desktop Conduit: None

Size: 2.25" x 2.125" x 0.30"

Weight: 2.9 oz.

Memory: 32 K on Visor when inserted

Availability Unknown

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  88% Thumbs Down 12%

Thumbs Down

sounds good but...
Can it be used with the Mac platform? If file move is not Mac compatible, is it still useful or is another modem preferable?
by Potus

Thumbs Up

Excellent module!
The only time the Thinmodem+ will leave my Platinum Visor is when I need to use my OmniRemote. It is an asset having the additional memory now that the size of programs is growing. I am still comparing several browser programs to find the one that works best with my needs. While I have installed the USB File Mover I have not made use of it yet. The ability to use the Thinmodem+ and my Stowaway keyboard is great that way I can surf and use the keyboard to input information as opposed to using Graffiti to input data. The standard Springport size was another important feature compared to the other oversized modems. The only thing the modem lacks is the ability to use digital lines or detect them so as to avoid damage.
by Craig_L_S

Thumbs Up

The Good: - Surf's up! True Plug & Play - I like 2for1 thingies. - Great form factor compared to all the other modem modules out there. Weighs next to nothing and as a combination, sleeker than the PalmV with its modem "sled". People always ask, "Can you surf the web with that?" and the answer is YES, the modem's right here... - Why don't all modules ( the EyeModule2 and OmniSky) come with extra memory? Man, it's worth the few extra bucks. - CardAccess responded promptly to my inquiry(s). The not so bad: - Browse-It is a little pokey - Had hoped to store all the online apps like AvantGo, Vindigo and MultiMail to turn this into my "internet" module, but the flash memory can't handle web cache or other active databases. - No FAX support yet. Oh well: I couldn't get the bigger RAM hogs off my Prism, but I've made up for it by moving almost everything else (that won't crash) over to the module. Pull it out and I still have DateBook+, Address Book and the usual 3.5 suite. Put it back in and I've got a 16M Prism with a built-in modem. Warning: Becareful how you manage your files. The modem is a cinch to use. The memory is a little trickier. There aren't too many flash friendly apps, especially UI utiities out there. Most launchers for example, will either crash or just not work with the files stored in the flash memory. I've been learning the hard way. THIS MODULE IS GREAT.
by Gidora

Thumbs Up

Great Device
Although I got a unit originally that had a non-functional modem, Card Access replaced it and my new unit works great. I echo the need for a way to plug a modem line directly into the unit, but the only time the modem will leave my Visor is when I need to use my GPS.
by Nekosoft

Thumbs Up

I was a beta tester; great product!
Provides the memory we all need. The modem works very well, and the Browse-It software is great, especially in color on a Prism.
by melpich

Thumbs Up

My most favorite module
Ive had the thinmodem+ for about a week now, and it is my "always in" module. Ive loaded tons of apps (mostly internet and game apps) via the USB file mover. I also love how u can use the springboard slot and the port on the bottom at the same time, because i like to be able to type when im online. I use aim and palm irc alot and the browseit browser is by far the best ive ever seen...way better than blazer. my only vice is that browseit doesnt keep your current page up when you exit to the launcher.
by ryan

Thumbs Up

Almost perfect!
This module has almost everything I would want in a Handspring modem. It's standard size and lets you offload all your e-mail/browsing/telnet/etc. apps from your visor into the modem module. The only thing I would change is the need for a special cord/adapter. They should just include one of those spring-loaded connectors that PCMCIA modem cards have so you can just plug a normal phone line directly into the modem. That would eliminate the need to carry the special cord or adapter.
by Rob

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