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Color: No

Memory: 18K on Visor when inserted

Weight: 0.5 oz. (2.0 oz. w/ cable)

Size: 2 1/8" x 2¼" x 11/32"

Desktop Conduit: None

Hard Cover Compatible: Yes

Availability Unknown

Thinmodem by Card Access

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1/3 the size of other springboard modems-surf the web, send and receive email all from the palm of your hand. It's tiny, but it packs a punch

Instant web Access
Browse the web instantly and receive your e-mail in moments with the incredibly small Thinmodem portable modem from Card Access. Transform your Visor handheld computer into a sleek and smart Internet communicator!

On Board Applications
With built-in Browse It™ web browser and MultiMail™ email client application, you are set to surf in seconds. This is the only modem that allows software that displays real-time modem connection information so you can see what's really going on.

Size Does Matter
Who says size doesn't matter? With brains and looks, a Thinmodem portable modem is a must for anyone with a Visor. So what are you waiting for? Get slim and fast with a Thinmodem.

Totally Upgradeable
The 16-bit color Browse-it™ 2.0 web browser and One-Touch™ email package will also accompany the modem upgrade. Having the power to upgrade makes the possibilities endless!

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User Opinions
Thumbs Up  76% Thumbs Down 24%

Thumbs Up

I love it
I've had absolutely no problems with mine, using it on my Visor Platinum. I downloaded the latest driver software, which allows it to run at 56k and has a flash memory program so that you can use what you want in the modem's internal memory. Great piece of work!
by ashman

Thumbs Up

I bought the Thinmodem when it came with BrowseIt 1.0 and the MultiMail demo-not the best combo to showcase the modem. I immediately downloaded Eudora 2.0. Well, 2 modem updates later it's a great modem for the Visor and the included software is very much improved. The modem has not been without it's quirks but the tech support has been top notch. Considering that this modem is an all new design, not a scaled down laptop modem, it's downright amazing. If you are looking for a duplicate of your desktop, however, no Palm OS software will come close. However, this modem is very good.
by Ken.

Thumbs Down

poor quality
I tried 2 units, both bad. each unit was purchased from a different store. One wouldnt dial out, the other wouldnt test.
by edhensley

Thumbs Down

Too flimsy for my taste, and it didnt work
I bought it, inserted it, didnt hear the beeps or see anything, and took it back to the store and exchanged it for another. Same thing. Damn thing didnt work. Exchanged it for the Xircom and it works fine. I think its a little to flimsy. I dont understand why it needed the bigass box and then they package the damn thing in the top corner to bounce around.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Should have waited
Arggg... Should have waited. now they have the 8 mb and modem combo for $30 more. Could really use the extra memory. =o)
by Kai

Thumbs Up

Great product !
This small device is a great product. There's enough good and cheap software around to give the user a fair alternative to the bundled demos. And the possibility to install one's preferred software in flash memory is real nice.
by Hubert

Thumbs Up

Great Little Modem
This Modem is great. It's pretty fast, and perfect for keeping in touch on the road. Works as well as the Handspring Modem but it's half the size. A good buy.
by KC

Thumbs Up

This modem is perfect for anyone who wants to use their Handspring Visor Online. It upgrades to 56k, you can use the extra 500k of storage on the modem to store other apps, and it is VERY light-weight. You can also purchase a seperate cord from cardaccess to use ANY length phone line with this modem, instead of the 6ft one included. Also, people that complain about battery usage should look at the battery AFTER they unplug the modem, not while they are using it. Anyway, I give it a 10/10 =)
by zillaaa

Thumbs Up

I love it. I wish that there was more memory, though. And battery life could be better, but this is just me and my perfectionist self. Setup was easy and being able to replace on board apps is a good thing. Nice price, and very small. I don't like the dongle, but I don't want to wait for a modem that doesn't use one and is a standard-sized module
by spragg

Thumbs Up

Works for me!
Perfect for its design purpose and traveling. I wanted something I could access my AOL email when traveling. With AOL's Anywhere 2.0, I didn't need the applications that came with the Thinmodem (although I will probable play with the Browse-it when I find some free time). I just popped it in, dialed the local AOL number, and I was there. Simple as that. The size is perfect. I would recommend you buy the $5.00 female dongle accessory. That way, you don't have to crawl and find a phone outlet and it travels better. It's well worth the money.
by KamieNJim

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