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Fact Sheet & User Opinions

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Width: 2.6"

Length: 5.0"

Length (external to Visor): .73"

Thickness: .32"

Weight: 4 oz

Availability Unknown

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  80% Thumbs Down 20%

Thumbs Up

Great service and support
YadaYada has excellent customer service and technical support, and my connectivity has for the most part been very good. The software isn't wonderful but it isn't at all bad. And, unlike OmniSky, they haven't paid the YesMail idiots to spam me on their behalf.
by Michael A. Atkinson

Thumbs Up

Modem great! Software bad
I got into Yadayada about a month ago as part of their free modem deal. The software that came with the modem is terrible. Twice in one day, using their browser locked my Prism and trashed all the data. I called their tech support and found a site with a drop down combo box that consistently locked the visor. He took my info and was pleasant enough, but I will not run their browser. Also, another quirk in their email app resulted in loading their server's pop settings three times, so I get three duplicates of every message. A royal bummer. Here is what I did... Forget their browser. Go download and use Blazer. It rocks. Forget their email app. Go and download Eudora for palm. It rocks. Lastly, find a way to disable QuickSnaps and use AvantGo. It rocks. After that, the service is extremely liveable. However, I would love to see how James got PalmVNC's ratio view to look so clear? Summary: Keep the modem and the service, get the other free software off the net and enjoy yourself. Couple PalmVNC with WinAmp and X10's Active Home, and you will have a remote control for your stereo and the ability to turn off your home's lights from anywhere in the world. I added a web cam pointed at my front door. I can see my front door on my Prism. If you add X10's X-Ray cam, it will even send your visor an email when someone is at your front door, then you can go look at them. My geek quotient is going through the roof!
by Richard Thornell

Thumbs Down

Not yet at least...
I wish I didn't have to give a thumbs down. I truly love the modem and the wireless ability. BUT, I have to rate their service and products and I believe that they aren't just there yet. Myself and others on this board receive countless Fatal Exception errors when trying to disconnect or letting the Visor auto-shutoff. They keep trying the same old practices of changing the script and warm rebooting, etc., to get this to work and it doesn't. They don't allow returns, or cancellations... so I become hesitant even using the product considering the amount of hang-ups I am due in for when I get done browsing. I HATE the launcher. The large icons and concept of folders really losses all usability in quick streamlined launcher interfaces. Why can't I just use Launcher II and still use your software that YY has hard-burned into the RAM. So I configure it to ONLY use Launcher, and bam... as soon as I insert the springboard their Launcher pops up. I truly only signed up for the service because of the free modem. I have two homes and both areas get great connections, and I am enamoured with the concept of walking around always connected but these hang-ups I just can't deal with. Their customer service sometimes gets a little rude, and is very hesitant on moving forward in solving this problem (such as RMA, for instance). I would recommend the service, but now that it isn't free and it still has problems even after the update... I can't commit myself to anyone else living with this frustration.
by timmins

Thumbs Up

Yada Yada rocks!
I've been waiting for wireless for the Visor since the summer, and I am a very happy Yada Yada user (since end of Dec. 2000) I run online businesses, and being able to check my e-mail ANYTIME is important. Now I don't have to fire up the computer just to check e-mail. Just pop in the modem and download the orders! It's also a great way to pass the time waiting in traffic, the post office, well...anywhere! I can view any website! Wireless access is just awesome....and I appreciated YY working on the Visor Deluxe. It's definitely high in the geek factor, and that's cool. I posted some pictures of the modem with the optimized and non-optimized Visors at I hate that the Visor crashes when I shut down the modem, but that'll improve over time. Overall, definitely recommended!! E-mail me if you have any questions.
by Mike Chung

Thumbs Up

Yada Yada Works Great!
Yadayada allows me access to the entire internet, email, PQA's (not supported, but it works) and AOL's Instant Messaging works great! Tech support has been great as well! The only downside to any wireless service (whether you choose Yada or OS), is that you cant use the service in any area that doesn't normally receive cellular service. So if your cellphone won't work in a particular building, neither will these services.
by cnegrad

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