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Fact Sheet & User Opinions

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Color Black or Blue

Weight 2 oz

Size 5" x 3.5" x 1"

Availability Unknown

ShockSuit SportCase by RhinoSkin

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Unprecedented combination of lightweight design and superior protection!

Lightweight, EVA foam
Rigid inserts
Stylus clip
Two-piece detachable belt clip
Hot Sync cable port

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User Opinions
Thumbs Up  53% Thumbs Down 47%

Thumbs Up

Good Protection, but ...
somehow I managed to break the plastic which is holding the pen. Otherwise I am satisfied - after using it for one year.
by Bluf

Thumbs Up

You want some protection? Try this! If you expect some abuse to your Visor, you will want to consider this case, which protects it well without interfering with any key functions (assuming you do not beam often!) I would consider this case especially useful for outdoorsmen, contractors, etc., and I can also see it to protect a Visor in a briefcase or purse. I LOVE the belt-clip (except that the 'stud' on the case back stays on at all times and may be in the way in some applications). I also appreciate how easy it is to get the Visor into and out of the case- a definite plus!
by Madkins007

Thumbs Up

best protection in its class
I got this case after I cracked the screen of my previous VDX because it was torqued/twisted while in a thin leather hip carrier. It has a good frame that prevents the VDX from getting torqued and has frontal protection as well. The only thing that has plaqued me is the weak and fragile velcro fastener which I have had to replace (rather easily). I am now looking to replace the velcro with a magnetic or clip type of fastener. I also was easily able to cut out a small window around the IR port so I can beam to my printer. The belt clip is excellent and one of the best features of the case.
by jscali

Thumbs Down

Fell apart after 6 months
Initially good, then the case fell apart after 6 months. Cheap implementation.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

Flimsy protection, piss-poor fit
I was enticed by the level of high praise the positive reviews give the ShockSuit, but it falls very short. My Platinum constantly shifts around making constant readjustment necessary so I can adequately access the power button. The very flimsy plastic frame isn't machined very well either (I found two relatively big pieces of plastic that, had I kept it, would have needed to be sanded-off/down. The case doesn't offer enough protection, especially given its relative bulkiness, and lack of access to the IR port and inability to handle any oversized modules. Point is, I knew and accepted these shortcomings,if it would reasonably protect my Platinum. The only part of the case that was sturdy at all was the flimsy plastic frame that ONLY DIRECTLY SURROUND THE VISOR'S FACE. Around the sides, and the back, next to no protection from any sizeable jolt - and THAT'S what this case is supposed to be good for. Fairly cheap feel to it al well - in general. It looks like RhinoSkin isn't taking the effort at a truly protective case very seriously when you look at the ShockSuit for the Visor, and that's a shame as I think they could make a really good one. This one, though, really sucks. Would definitely and vocally recommend AGAINST the Shocksuit. I'm going to try a EB Slipper case next, given the very uniform feedback on that (a comfortable majority of which is positive), and the access to the microphone, HotSyncing (IN THE CASE), the module area (with some extra room for over-sized modules), and the reset button.
by viper0066

Thumbs Up

Was exactly what I wanted at the time
I was away from home and carrying my VDx by hand when I met someone with a ShockSuit. He demonstrated it (right down to dropping his Visor, not something I recommend), pointed out the HotSync flaw and the lack of a IR port, but I was sold on the belt clip and the protection. Only drawback to me came from the Velcro, but that's what Super Glue is for. The only problem I have with it today is the VDx will not go in the case with non-standard sized Springboard modules installed.
by Alan

Thumbs Up

It does what it was designed to do.
After researching just about all of the belt-clip cases on the market (and reading the opinions posted here), I decided, against my better judgement, to buy the ShockSuit. I bought mine for 28 bucks and I wasn't expecting much, other than decent protection for my Vdx. I expected the thing to fall apart, the velcro to come off, the plastic to shatter, the beltclip to break within a week, etc...But here's what I found. This is a relatively inexpensive case that features a molded neoprene body attached to a thin plastic "skeleton." The cover is sturdy and is kept shut by a long strip of velcro that, with a little TLC, stays attached. The swivel clip is the standard type that can be replaced easily. I have 4 of them from different cell phones and now this one. All equally sturdy with a limited lifespan that's to be expected. The stylus attachment's functionality is questionable so I store my stylus in my Vdx. It's still easy to remove and stow. The item is bulky. Let me say that again: it's bulky. I expected that. It's even slightly ugly and geeky. I expected that, too. But this is called the "ShockSuit", not the "TrimSlimAndLeatherAttractiveThreePieceSuit." It's made to withstand heavy use, repeated bumping, and an occasional fall. The ShockSuit lives up to that design and then some. I have used it and abused it and it continues to do its job: protect my PDA. It may not have cutouts for everything. It may not give you the ability to HotSync in the case. But it protects your PDA. Summary: This is an affordable, well-designed product that lacks some attention to detail but performs its job as advertised. A couple of hints: to keep it clean, spray it with ScotchGuard or Techtron Outdoor after you decide to keep it. Spray the case with StaticGuard if you're concerned about getting it covered with lint and cat hair. ericm
by ericm

Thumbs Up

not great, but okay
i got this case for every day use in the operating room, and to travel with. this case has provided good protection for my visor. it is true however that i too had to use crazy glue on the velcro the very first day i got it. i have not had any problems with it since. in short, if you are looking for protection this case should work for you. i must also add that it does not gom well with a suit, so i also have the vaja flip top for formal occasions
by leto the just

Thumbs Down

Fell off often, finally fell apart
The clip would not stay on my pants waist, so the case kept falling to the floor many times per day. Eventually, the plastic frame broke. I glued the frame back together and glued some rubber pads inside the clip, for added friction. This kept the number of falls down to about once a day. Sometimes the case would pop out of the clip, taking the Visor down to the floor. Eventually, the screen on my Visor stopped responding to the stylus. Was it the result of all the falls? I don't know, but they couldn't have done the Visor much good. Fortunately, the folks at Handspring replaced my Visor under warranty. After about two months, the Velcro on the case lid started to lose its stickiness, so the case would pop open while I was walking and dump out my Visor. I managed to catch it before it fell completely out. I was planning to replace the Velcro, but the little knob on the case that snaps into the clip broke, so the case no longer stayed attached to the clip. At that point, I finally wrote to Rhino, telling them the story you're getting here. I was hoping for a refund or some kind of credit towards one their sturdier models, luck: they don't have a generous return policy. (Only ten days after date of purchase: I guess they don't expect their products to last much longer.) So, I improvised a case for myself out of a small Eagle Creek pouch (found in hiking stores) and a belt clip for a keychain. This hasn't fallen off once in all the time I've worn it. In summary: The ShockSuit SportCase seems to be just a bad design.
by bpinette

Thumbs Up

Sturdy, strong and stylish
For the $-its the best thing going.
by Marco

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