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Fact Sheet & User Opinions

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Compatible with All Visors

Weight ~2.1 oz

Size 5.75" x 3.5" x 0.85"

Color Black

Availability Unknown

RhinoPak 1100 by RhinoSkin

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Bring along the essentials!

Water-resistant Cordura
Inner/outer mesh pockets
Plastic insert for screen protection
Elastic securing straps
Belt Clip
Designated storage for credit/business cards, cash, receipts

See VisorCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  83% Thumbs Down 17%

Thumbs Up

Nice case, bad clip
It's a great case. The straps keep my organizer secure enough, since I dislike sticking the velcro to the back of my Visor. If you need the added protection though, it would work better that way. There's plenty of room for your cards inside, and the mesh pouch outside can be useful if you have an I.D. card for security purposes, or a student I.D. that needs to be available at all times. My only real complaint is with the belt clip... it's too easily broken. Sitting down caused it to slip right off the swivel-base it's built onto, sending my Visor tumbling to the floor! I'll probably have a fabric loop sewn on in its place. Otherwise, this is a great case, and if you keep it in your pocket or briefcase/purse/backpack it's perfect.
by Kesh

Thumbs Up

Well-made, attractive, good mount! I especially like the fact that it makes a good wallet, and I like the outside pocket. The few things I DO NOT like? 1. The belt strap is not my favorite design. If you use the 'dangling' belt-loop, you have to thread it on and off your belt. If you use the 'snap' location, the pouch rides high. 2. I would have loved a place for the stylus built in!
by Madkins007

Thumbs Up

Small and functional
I have been using the RP1100 for about 2 months now and like it quite a bit. I installed the Visor upside-down so that when I open the case the Visor is on the left hand side. I can hold it better in my left hand and write with my right hand. Also, the IR port is easier to access from this side. I don't use the pockets, as I am afraid of scratching the screen. My strap snap is very tight and has never opened accidentally. I would prefer velcro, however. The Visor is very easy to remove for hotsyncing, since it is held in the case by the Visor cover. This works very well, but would be a problem if you have super-sized springboards. I also have a Fossil leather generic Palm case, but it is too difficult to remove the Visor for hotsyncing and is somewhat larger.
by mridge

Thumbs Up

I'd still recommend it, however...
As an owner of the previous model, the RhinoPak 1000, I was slightly disappointed that the 1100 now has a snap-attached strap, instead of the permanently sewed in strap. I've found that the snap-attached often unsnaps if you sit down or get up and the 1100 gets caught. If there was one recommendation I'd make, it would be to use a combination web/velcro strap.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Just What I Needed
Hi Folks, The RhinoPak 1100 is just what I being needing since I purchase my Visor. The VisorCentral store receipt is cool also. I would recommend this product to anybody. Regards - Byron
by Byron Collins

Thumbs Up

It's OK, but could be better.
I paid $29.95 (free shipping) to get this case from Outpost. When I first received it, I was not happy with it. The material looks cheap (even my $8.00 Tamrac Neo case looks better than this case). And it does not function as I like it to do. Here is how I like it to do. Put Visor’s hard cover under the straps and put my Visor facing down when I do not use it. Put Visor facing up to use it. That way, my Visor always has good screen protection. Unfortunately, RP1100’s straps are too close to Visor’s cover snaps. I am afraid of break my Visor’s snaps, if I put my Visor this way. Anyway, I use this case as an everyday carry case. Every time I use my Visor, I will take my Visor out. It fits very well and very tight. Another problem is that if I secure my Visor using RP1100’s straps, I can not put my Cross digital writer pen easily. I don’t know how anyone can fit two springbroads to the case. There is no space left on my RP1100.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Good Fit
I've had my 1100 for about a week now. The fit is great, and protection is excellent for a soft case. I ony have two concerns: 1) that, over time, the elastic straps holding the hard cover in place will wear through, and 2) the stylus is a little difficult to get out of the silo, which is below the "zipper-line" of the case--requiring me to bend the case back to get at it (and thus place extra stress on the elastic strap holding the plastic cover in place). I am, though, pleased with the bang for my buck. My critiques aren't meant to imply that it's a cheap case (it's not). It's very well made, and overall, I recommend it.
by Kris

Thumbs Up

Great Little Package
I purchased the 1100 when I bought my VDIce. I use it all the time to carry my Visor with out worry. I also use it to hold three springboard modules (TigerGolf, backup and flash) Holds all of these and has more room for other items.
by LGF

Thumbs Down

I've got too many modules!
... Just kidding. It's hard enough to live with a Visor with no modules... I don't need a case for the modules I don't have.
by John C

Thumbs Up

Just what I was looking for
Compact, well designed and sturdy. Except for the zipper extensions (which I removed after 1 day), I think this is a very smart product. I use it on my belt (the button is very secure, but easy to use) despite the serious Geek looks that I get. Highly recommended. P.S. I wish the two thumbs downs were correced for this product, since they artificially lower its rating.
by Sequitor

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