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Size 8" x 5.5" x 2"

Weight ~4.8 oz

Color Black

Works with All Visors

Availability Unknown

RhinoPak 3000 by RhinoSkin

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Bring it all…cell phones, cameras and PDA’s! For any combination of devices Interior strap system accommodates variety of handhelds Palm device with Delorme Tripmate, GPS, digital camera binoculars, cell phone Mesh and zippered pockets, credit card sleeve, pen/stylus holder, battery compartments, belt loops, optional shoulder strap Also accommodates Think Outside's Stowaway Keyboard and Visor device

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User Opinions
Thumbs Up  78% Thumbs Down 22%

Thumbs Up

Great gear bag!
I have been playing with my RhinoSkin 3000 since I got it! Personally, I use it for everything but the Visor (Stowaway keyboard, beeper, modules, batteries, cleaning kit, wallet stuff, etc. I have even carried a mini-TV or my digital camera in here!) I then carry the Visor in something slimmer, usually my beloved RhinoSkin 1100. This works great. I can carry the 1100 on my belt or pocket, andthe 3000 in a bag, briefcase, or even leave it in my car. My only concern is all the loops and stuff. I keep having a nagging feeling that I should be using them somehow. Oh well, I can always cut them off if they get in the way!
by Madkins007

Thumbs Up

Good-Bye FC Leather Binder
I was using the Franklin Covey leather binder for carrying around my Prism, great fit, but when I added the stowaway to the package it became too much of a hassle. I got the RS2K for xmas and was initially apprehensive, it seemed a little too flimsy. I jumped in feet first and decided to give the bag the benefit of the doubt. My Prism & Stowaway fit just perfect, there is an inside pocket which holds my OmniSky modem & backup module (which I must have because the OmniSky crashed ALOT) and the front mesh pocket holds my cell phone perfect. I can use the flat back pocket for my checkbook, and I have everything I need. The loops on the outside are pointless, but the strap is awesome if I am going to be carrying the bag for an extended amount of time. Great Bag!!
by eternus

Thumbs Down

Poor quality + Inconvenience = Wasted $
I purchased the RP3000 (to carry my Visor Deluxe and Stowaway keyboard)in spite of the so-so ratings James H. gave it in his VisorCentral review. I should have read more closely between the lines, because everything he alluded to (loose fit, inconvenience in using the Visor, etc.) in his review was realized in my experience with this canvas monstrosity. The first time I placed my Visor Deluxe in the case, one of the elastic straps pulled loose. Poor quality construction! While the strap ripping out may just be an anomaly, I would urge ANYONE considering the RP3000 to delay the purchase until you can see one up close. It may suit your needs perfectly, but that determination is best made by actually seeing/handling the case. As for me, I'll stick with my leather Franklin Covey Technology binder. It suits my needs (as Manager of QC Tech Support for a large Government contractor) very well.
by PMB54

Thumbs Up

Holds Visor,Cell Phone,Checkbook,etc
I feel the price should be $10 less. However, I'm very satisfied with it. I have a lot of things stuffed in it and anything smaller would not work for me. Irritations: ----The batteries keep falling out of the pockets. ----Plastic belt straps useless
by BudPritchard

Thumbs Up

The ONLY case for a Visor + Stowaway
It's simple. This case holds the Visor + the Stowaway side-by-side, securely, easily, plus inside pockets for Springboards, credit cards, cash, 4 batteries, and 2 pens. In the outside mesh pocket I carry my cell phone, and in the flat pocket on the other side I carry my kids' pictures, extra business cards, a rarely-used ID badge from a client (I'm a consultant), and other "flat" stuff. I can easily handle the "man-purse" aspect, as the tradeoff is so great: I would carry a wallet, a Visor, and a cell phone anyway, and now I can carry them all IN ONE HAND, plus more stuff. Now the negatives: (1) I've found that too much in the inside pocket can put pressure on the power button, turning & leaving it on. This can happen repeatedly, too, so a lot of battery life is wasted. I just turn around the Visor so it snaps into its hard cover face DOWN, and this problem is solved. (2) The webbing loops on the outside just get in the way; one certainly wouldn't use them for anything and expect it to stay in. They're more an occasional annoyance, though, than a real issue. A good eye and a sharp seam-ripper or Exacto knife can even remove this strip entirely.
by Steve

Thumbs Up

stow away a stowaway (and a whole lot more;))
rhino 3000 rhino 3000 rhino 3000 after looking everywhere for the perfect case - online, in camping stores, camera stores, music stores, bag stores, video game store... i would come across the perfect size but not enough pockets for modules; or enough room and pockets, but no padding, or padding and room but the size of a small tank. so i decided to go with my original impulse and dropped the 50 clams for the rp3k. just got it from the vc store (in 2 days, might i add :D ) and i love it. it's a much nicer fit than stuffing it into the 2k, and there's plenty more room. i have a pad o' paper, karma cloth, the stowaway, modem and phone cord, backup, and flash module, and plenty of space for more. and it's not that much bigger than the 2k. i was expecting something much larger, but its about the same height as the 2k and about 2 inches wider, there's a shoulder stap if it's all you need to carry that day, and like the 2k, lots of pockets for goodies. i can even take my discman with me in this thing and not feel too bulky. it might seem a bit like the seinfeld man-purse that james talked about in his review, but a) in ny anyway, lotsa guys are carrying packs of this size - i know my pockets are always near to bursting even without my visor, b) it's a helluva lot better than carrying a big ol' laptop, and c) i'm comfortable enough with my masculinity to carry a purse :cool: so i heartily recommend it if bulk and expense ($50 :yikes: ) are not an issue. take it from me, it really is the best option if you want to store all your visor gear in one place. safe, rugged, and relatively cool. there. the end. matty
by matty

Thumbs Up

Perfect if you want to carry your Visor and Stowaway Keyboard
I think this is a product with one specific use - carrying your Visor and your Stowaway Keyboard, plus a couple of Springboard modules in one package. I've been schlepping my Visor and Stowaway in two separate cases, and it required me to keep track of too many things. The RP 3000 lets me put it in one case. That said, it's too big for a primary Visor-only case.
by VTL

Thumbs Down

too small for brief case, too big for my pocket
its pricy and it is too big for my pockets. I may as well buy a small backpack with a pocket.
by mav

Thumbs Up

Great Pak
Much better than the 2000. Allows me to carry my wallet my Visor Deluxe in its case and a GameBoy Color!! Does it get any better than this?? The pak is not bulky at all to me. The loops on the outside are a bit confusing to me though. Love this case!!
by David


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