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HotSync in Case: No

Ir in Case: Yes

Case Type: Plastic

Availability Unknown

SmartCover by InnoPocket

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The SmartCover doesn't only protect the screen but it's also a convenient way to store your Visor without the fear of loosing the cover. It's as easy as flip and snap.

The SmartCover is a semitransparent plastic flip cover that attaches itself to the bottom of the Visor, just like the plastic cover your Visor ships with (using those two little nubs).

It curves around the back to the SpringBoard slot on top where it also secures itself. At the top there is a hinged cover which swings easily around the front of the Visor to protect the screen.

It has a nice, fluid Star Trek Communicator flip to it and it attaches and removes easily from the Visor (2-3 seconds). The finish is frosted and matches the Visor nicely. The problem with the SmartCover, however, is that it really isn't that smart. For one thing, the cover protecting the screen isn't flush with the case, leaving it exposed to elements, such as liquids. The cover the Visor ships with has a much better seal and is free.

See VisorCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  23% Thumbs Down 77%

Thumbs Down

Not even as good as the original
Personaly I like othe stock cover more than this. i sent mine back
by BBQ-J

Thumbs Down

could make my own...
I would rather use some velcro and crazy glue/ducktape to use the one that came with mine, especially since i have the prism, and the brainiacs that made it made it worse than the eariler modles. they molded the case so you can use the docking port so much that you cant even clip the cover on the back like their earlier models. HANDSPRING wake up!!!, so now i have to put the cover in my pocket or bite down in it to jot something quickly, but with a little work u can do the same thing or better for 5 bucks from a hardware store...
by alildevil

Thumbs Up

It works fine - it is worth $29.95
The product works quite well. People who complain about this (1) have expensive Visors and (2) have many mudules and (3) are upset because something practicale is "expensive". I paid full price for this case, it's been great. Many other people have said the same. They like it a lot. The company has given me what I have been looking for. And what many other people have been looking for. Since you love to rant about the SpringBoard slot, why covers work with the Modem module, Phone, or camera - or other oversized modules? get real.
by Chris

Thumbs Up

different strokes
The choice of a case for a 'spring user is a very personal one. One has specific expectations of a case and specific requirements. I can see how a person would like a case like this, though it would be the case I'd choose. I'm almost tempted by this case because it looks like could power up the Visor to see the time without opening the case. Who out there wants a case that you can do this with?
by SideShowMel

Thumbs Down

Dumb cover a better name?
A release date of April 1 would be more appropriate for this product.
by Judd

Thumbs Down

Not a snowball's chance in hell.
$29.95? You must be kidding me. Why not $59.92 -- just as absurd.
by bkbk

Thumbs Down

Who are InnoPocket kidding?
$29.95 for something so useless? Some companies do not have a clue.
by Michael Kaufman

Thumbs Up

Just what I've been waiting for
1. Thin Form Factor 2. While its similar to the "free plastic cover" that one requires an extra step to reattach to the back or stick it in your pocket - this one folds all the way back which is key. 3. The main reason why I use a cover at all is to keep it in my pocket and prevent scratches - all the leather cases are too thick, and so this is perfect. --My ideal case would be the hard plastic "belt clip" which adds protection if the visor is dropped - but you can't flip it around and slide the visor back in - leaving you with the old "two things to hold" problem
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

Materials, complexity, & workmanship = $5 value
Poorly conceived & executed. Why did they bother?
by Steve C.

Thumbs Down

Costs 4 times what it should - and not functional either! A total wast of $29.5
by Anonymous


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