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Case Type Leather

Size: 5-2/16" x 3-2/16" x 1"

Weight: 2.5 oz.

Ir In Case Yes

HotSync in Case: No

Held by: Strap

Availability Unknown

Flip Top case by Vaja

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The Flip Top was made for the Visor. It comes in eight different styles of high-quality Argentinian leather that make the Visor look great. A colored case is almost completely enveloped, showing color only around the hardware button area. The Visor slides easily in and out of the case, as there are no snaps to deal with to keep the Visor inside. The Flip Top's lid uses a snap to close; when open, the lid folds behind and out of the way.

Inside the case, there is an engraved note explaining the process of how the leather is chosen. I was really impressed by this as it shows the amount of effort that went into producing this case. You can also have a graffiti chart or your name engraved into the lid of the case, where there are also slots for cash and 3 credit cards. The lid has a Vaja logo on the front and snaps closed.

Cutouts on the left and right sides of the case allow quick access to the Ir port and stylus. The back of the case has a cutout so you can reset the Visor while it is still in the case, and the front has a plastic lining that covers the hardware buttons. And to top it all off, the Flip Top comes inside an attractive leather bag that reminds me of the bag that Crown Royal comes in.

See VisorCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  86% Thumbs Down 14%

Thumbs Up

Worth the investment
After having to replace the screen twice because my visor flew out of my breast pocket when I was leaning down to pick something up I decided I had to have a better solution to carry my visor. The case is extreamly well made. The visor slides in and out of the case to hot sync with ease. The design is very thoughtful with cut outs where you need them and slots for cash and credit cards. The case attatchs to the belt clip firmly but removes with one simple hand motion. (grasp the visor and pull up while you thumb depresses a button.) I would highly recommend this case. It's worth the investment if you are interested in a case to carry your visor on your belt.
by David Hasselbacher

Thumbs Up

Worth every penny!
The first thing I looked for after upgrading to the Visor Platinum was a high quality belt clip case. I tried the E&B slipper case but was too thin to provide adequate protection. Then, after reading these reviews, ordered a Vaja from Somehow they managed to lose my order (twice!). I then ordered a Vaja from Ordered on Friday and received the case on Monday. It was well worth the wait! The leather and other materials are top quality. The craftsmanship is unparalleled! It may be one of the more expensive cases on the market but it's worth every penny!
by Wirelessguy

Thumbs Up

should be thumbs up
my last post should have been a thumbs up
by katavia

Thumbs Down

Great indirect service
I have read several reviews bashing Vaja's service. I too have not had good response directly with vaja. BUT when I delt with Direct Case (the U.S. distributer) the service was undisbutably the best. Direct Case has been there for on more than one occasion!
by katavia

Thumbs Up

it fits - it's attractive - it's a value
Having gone thru 4 other cases - I was surprised to find one that was just right - orfered from website - thought shipping was a little high until I noticed it was coming from Argentina - received in 2 days -
by 1bigguy

Thumbs Up

(When I added my name, I forgot to vote, and it counted it as a negative, so I am posting this one to point out that glitch, and to cancel it out!)
by madkins007

Thumbs Down

(my name...)
(on my post today, I forgot to attach my name- sorry!)
by madkins007

Thumbs Up

Expensive, but well-made!
The nice belt clip, high quality (and nice smelling) leather, good fit, etc. have already been mentioned. I had excellent experience with the people at Vaja, and recommend them. To compare the Vaja and the E&B Slipper is not totally fair since the Vaja is almost twice the price, but... Vaja fits snug, but is easy to remove (mine does not allow in-case hot sync), Slipper is a tight fit (and I had a lot of difficulty hot-synching in the case). Vaja uses a strap and snap, compared to Slipper's two narrow Velcro tracks. Belt clip is similar in each case, but Slipper seems better made by a bit. Slipper is a smaller over-all package, but Vaja has the cooler logo piece. Vaja has better access to buttons, stylus right out of the box. Both offer some screen protection, but the Vaja is a bit cushier. The Slipper, on the other hand, has the more wallet-like slots and pockets. Both cases fit well over my Matchbook drive and the slightly protruding card. The belt clips are not totally interchangeable- the clip from the Slipper will not fit on the Vaja, but the Vaja's DOES fit the Slipper. (The shaft of the button on the Vaja is thicker.) Both use a clear plastic panel over the hard buttons. The Vaja's is a bit bigger. I have found that it reduces responsiveness in games (like pinball) that use the buttons, but does not interfere with the more common uses. Little touches: The Vaja comes with an interesting message, Graffitti helps, the designer's signature, and a lower-profile belt-loop button. My suggestion: Use the Slipper without belt clip for small pockets and minimalistic needs, but the Vaja for belt carry and dramatic statement!
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Fantastic case, lovin' the grafitti chart.
I've had my Vaja case for my Platinum for a couple of weeks now and I couldn't have had a more pleasant experience. At first I thought that it would be uncomfortable to wear on my belt, but I hardly notice it anymore. I can get it out and put it away now without even looking. I was also a little concerned with its protective qualities for the screen; the flip top seems padded enough but not very rigid. Simple fix though, I just cut an AOL CD to fit in the large pocket. Now it's stiff enough to protect my screen from most crushing hazards out there. Right now I'm the envy of all my coworkers that have Visors. I must get five or six compliments every day. It does have a truly classy look to it. The only suggestion that I would make comes from my wife who would like to see a more feminine design for the ladies.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

great, case functional and stylish. The belt clip also works great
by Anonymous

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