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Case Type Leather

Size: 5-2/16" x 3-2/16" x 1"

Weight: 2.5 oz.

Ir In Case Yes

HotSync in Case: No

Held by: Strap

Availability Unknown

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  86% Thumbs Down 14%

Thumbs Down

not worth it & bad customer service too
Way over-priced, despite the claims, you can NOT hoysynch while in the case. Customer service is poor; both times I ordered from this company they sent the WRONG PRODUCT. Spend your $$$elsewhere
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

This is a great case!
The quality of construction and material are superior. I agree with all of the previous comments about the ease of removal for hot-sync and stylus access. I bought mine at - ordered on a Saturday night: had the case on Wednesday morning. I had a couple of incidents of the entire arrangement popping off as I plopped into my chair at work. And also a couple of times, I had the Visor hit the ground because I probably had not secured it in the belt clip. So, I bought the $5 belt clip from E&B that Derek mentioned. It has a much better mechanism (IMO) than the plastic doodad that comes with the case. No subsequent drops. By the way, these drops were to a concrete (or tile over concrete) floor in a factory, and the visor was undamaged. So it seems to protect the device adequately. Not well enough to dribble around the office, but good enough for the occasionally fumble-fingered dolt like me.
by thisisside5

Thumbs Up

good case, bad service
I see people praising Vaja's service here, but apparently those service people are gone from the company. I ordered my case direct from Vaja. After a week with no word, I emailed them. I got no response. After a couple days I emailed again. After a day I did get a response, saying the item was out of stock and would be back in a week and a half (it still showed as shipping immediately on the web site, as it had all along). Three days after that I got an email from someone else there saying my selection was no longer available and I had to pick a different color or style or get a refund. Since that style still shows on the web site (where they told me to look for an alternate selection), I don't know what to take that to mean, and I'm not particularly hopeful of getting a reply to my email. I ordered it two weeks ago, it was supposed to ship immediately, and now my best hope is it MIGHT ship three weeks after I ordered it--IF they are even still making it. Yes, the Vaja cases are great. I sure wish I could get one.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

looks good, smells good...a real attention grabber
I spent a while looking at numerous case reviews before settling on the brown leather Vaja case. I arrived 2 business days after I ordered it from (faster than I expected) and I wasn't disappointed. The case looks great, smells rich and feels good. Some leather cases (in general) you see in the stores look nice, but aren't very striking. Even though this is just the plain brown leather version, the deep, rich brown colour and glossy finish somehow just make it stand out. My Visor Platinum fits nice and snugly into the case and the plastic covering for the buttons bothers me less than I thought it would. The grafitti chart embossed into the leater is really handy, although a little hard to see in low light. Walking around with it clipped to my waist, I immediately drew some reaction from my fellow PDA users at work, who were all impressed with the look and feel of the case. I had a small problem with the belt clip, but sent out a couple of replacement clips as soon as I told them about my problem. The Vaja case may be a little pricier compared to most of the cases available, but at $46.90US, it's a steal and worth every penny.
by imabug

Thumbs Up

Highly recommend
I debated long and hard and thought this case was stupid expensive. But after sending back a $30 Rhodiana I decided to take the plunge. Wow... Tha Best! The only thing I miss is the fancy felt bag the reviewer mentioned. I guess DirectCase doesn't do that.
by YKnot

Thumbs Up

nice but expensive
The case looks GOOD. I have had several people compliment me on it after one day. had great service. When I ordered the (brown ostrich) case, it was out of stock and I recieved an email which said to expect a 10+ day wait. I recieved an email the next day stating the unit was shipped and recieved it two days later (I really respect companies who under-promise and over-deliver). Easy to access stylus. Easy to hold and use all of the visor buttons. The clip is very nice and very easy to detach the case. It is a little awkward to reattach the case, but not too difficult. The case is very thin and is not so thick that I could not put it in my pocket. The grafitti help on the lid is actually useful in that it shows all of the punctuation and other special strokes rather than the letters everyone already knows. Save some $$$ and use the coupon for free next day shipping and $5 off at the palm tip sheet page, I didn't find it til it was too late.
by jeffinks73

Thumbs Up

A comfortable and stylish case for your Visor.
I just recently started using my Vaja case. It is beautiful. My Visor slips in easily and comfortably yet seats snuggly inside. It looks so stylish and elegant it is a pleasure to carry around and show off. I did hold off purchasing this case for some time because though it looked great on the web I thought it would be too bulky in my shirt pocket where I like to carry my Visor. Wrong! It fits into my pocket easily and takes no more room then the slip-in case that ships with the Visor deluxe. The Vaja case actually makes the visor easier to hold in my hand when reading and writing. It gives me a firmer grip than just holding the Visor unit uncased and is still comfortable even after holding the Visor in my hand for a long period of time. The flip top folds back easily out of the way when in use and the snap button closes easily when the case is folded shut. Best of all the smell of the real leather is wonderful and I am sure once my case is well broken in it will become even more comfortable to use and carry. For a good deal on the shipping price I got mine through The service was excellent.
by Mark Lacy

Thumbs Up

Fantastic case, customer support!
While perusing the cases displayed on this site and many more, I was looking for 4 things in particular: a belt clip, a professional looking case, slots for credit cards, and high quality. This is the only case that met all of these criteria. Not only that, but because of a shipping mix up, I found that the customer support at Vaja is also very good. The first case I ordered was somehow lost in shipping by the shipping company (who claims it was 'left at the door'... right...). After a few months of waiting for the shipping company to follow through on the claim that they would deliver me a new case, I emailed the customer service at Vaja. The color I originally ordered was discontinued, so she gave me a list of colors to choose from. The very day that I replied to her message, a new case was immediately shipped and was on my door step 2 days later. And it's even a beautiful blue color that's not on listed on the web site (Thhhpppptt! :) ). I'd give the case itself and the company 4 or 5 thumbs up if I could!
by mcorey

Thumbs Up

FANTASTIC! Sumptious, practical, well-made.
I recently got a Vaja case in brown ostrich and it is absolutely gorgeous. The workmanship is top-notch and the leather feels alive. I know a little about qualtiy leather goods, having bought and used saddlery for almost 30 years. I have a $275 English bridle--no fancy silver or other doodads, just top-quality materials and workmanship; 4 saddles costing a total of almost $5,000 new; and $600 custom riding boots--and the Vaja case is easily up to that level. The Vaja case bespeaks quality and elegance, like a $500 suit or a $100 pen. For those who worried about the belt clip, (1) it's now optional and (2) it's much improved over the one that was reviewed. I bought a matching case for my Nokia cel phone at the same time. It came with a different style belt clip that doesn't have a release button (you turn the case upside down to remove it from the clip) and isn't as sturdy. IMO, the release button is easy to use one-handed and it seems pretty secure, whereas I can easily yank the cel phone off my belt without applying much force or damaging anything. Everything about this case works beautifully, as well as looking and feeling wonderful. Sure, it would be nice to be able to sync in the case, but it's easy enough to take the Visor out. (A syncable case might also be usable with the Stowaway keyboard.) There was at least one gripe about the shipping charge--it's $14 from Argentina. (That's all I paid for both cases.) However, folks, that's "global express"--the case arrived a few days after I ordered it. I ordered a Rhinoskin 2000 from Direct Case at the same time and it still hasn't arrived, 11 days later. Now, I'd like to get Vaja's belt to match the cases....
by George Slusher

Thumbs Up

two words: SA WEET
i just got the case today and i must admit it is extremely easy one the eyes. the graffiti is a little hard to read and i'm not quite sold on the reliability of the belt clip yet. however i seldom need help with graffiti, and i have the rhino skin shock suit for my rough days. so niether one of those should be an issue. i purchased my case from direct and received the free shipping. i did have to return the first one and the poeple there were very accommodating
by letothejust

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