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Weight 8.0 oz

Size 8.375 x 4.375 x 1.875

Availability Unknown

Otter Box 3000 by Otter Box

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Hard protective case for your Visor Handheld. Protect your Visor from water, pressure, and abuse with this durable case.
Do you want to be able to take it all with you when you are outside and not worry about the weather? Sometimes it is necessary to take your Visor where electronic devices, much less Visors, are not meant to be. If you want to carry your Visor and a non-standard Springboard module, the Otter Box 3000 (OB3000) is just the right size for you. It is essentially an Otter Box 2000 that is a little longer.

The Otter Box 3000 is made with a fiberglass reinforced ABS resin that is almost crush-proof, and it is waterproof up to a depth of 100 ft. This case also floats in water, which means that is should be harder to lose and easier to find in the event that it is lost in an aquatic environment, such as a lake or river. The manufacturer has a lifetime warranty on the OB3000, so in the unlikely event you damage it, they will replace it for free!

See VisorCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
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Thumbs Up

Great for Stowaway
I got my 3000 to protect my Stowaway in my backpack and it is perfect! The 3000 is about 3" longer than necessary for the stowaway, which is perfect to store spare springboards (once I have a spare...come on Six-pac!).
by tyler

Thumbs Up

Great protection at a great value, but . . .
Overall, this case provides great protection at a great value. However, I did find one problem. I am a B-52 pilot, so I purchased this case to protect my Visor in the airplane. I bought the Otter Box 3000 with hopes of putting the GPS module in with the Visor for use in flight, too. The catch is that the watertight seal also creates a pressurization seal, so after the descending from high altitude the lower pressure air inside creates suction which makes it impossible to open the case unless you use a tool to pry it open. This is impracticle for daily use. This only solution would be to drill a small hole for pressure relief, but this would make the case no longer watertight. So, I have decided to purchase a Rhinoskin Ti Slider (at a much higher price) for flight and I will probably still use the Otter Box 3000 for outdoor activities such as camping and boating where the watertight feature is more desirable. I just wanted to pass this info on to anyone else who may be considering this case for use in flight.
by Brian

Thumbs Up

Excellent protection case for larger items!
I've had the Otter Box 3000 for a little less than a month and find it to be an excellent case. It's basically a 2000 model that is longer and wider. It is .5 inches wider internally than a uncased Visor, 2.25 inches longer(taller?) internally than a bare Visor, and I can't measure it directly but my closest estimate is 3/16 inch clearance from the front of an uncased Visor screen cover to the inside of the top half of the OB 3000. So an uncased Visor will rattle around substantially if put in the box uncased. The best way to prevent this is to put the Visor in the standard leather slipcase that comes with the Visor, this takes up enough space in the OB 3000 so that the Visor doesn't move at all. As for the extra space at the top, a maximum of 3 uncased Backup module sized Springboards can be fit into that space, but there is slightly more than 1 inch clearance on the side of the modules so foam or AAA batteries would have to be added to prevent excessive rattling. 4 AAAs will fit in the excess space. I use Nintendo Gameboy game cartridge cases to store my Springboards, 2 will fit nicely into the space above the Visor, with 2 AAAs on the side. If you don't want to put your Visor in the OB 3000, a uncased (if your Visor Stowaway came with a case it won't fit in the box and I ENVY you, you lucky dog!!! Mine didn't come with a case) Visor Stowaway folding keyboard will fit snugly into the OB 3000, again with space on top for 2 cased or 3 uncased Springboard Backup sized modules, and space for AAAs on the side of the modules. So in summary, the OB 3000 is a great protection case, the only caveat is that you have to figure out a way to fill up any extra space or you will have a rattling problem on your hands. FWIW, when I pack my Otterbox 3000, it's fully packed and doesn't rattle.
by kamizuno


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