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Refills RFT4-BLKF (Pen), PL-5 HB (Pencil), MS-5 (Eraser)

Weight 0.7 oz

Size 5 1/2" x 7/16"

Availability Unknown

2+1 (T2300) by Pilot Pentopia

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The Pilot Pentopia 2+1 stylus is Pilot’s most popular stylus replacement, and it is easy to see why. The 2+1 not only comes with a orange stylus tip, but also has a pen and pencil stored inside its small body. The 2+1 is silver with black accents and makes for a very attractive stylus. Each of the slides that exposes the tips are a different color. The stylus slide is a light maroon, the 0.5 pencil slide is light grey, and the black ink slide is dark grey. There is also a picture or text beneath the color guides that says what their function is also. Clicking another point half-way pulls the current one back in.

Unscrew the top to reveal an eraser, and unscrew the bottom to replace the pencil lead or ink. The 2+1 does not fit into the Visor stylus silo, but it does have a pocket clip.

See VisorCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  82% Thumbs Down 18%

Thumbs Up

Lost cap replaced FREE! Wow!
I love my Pentopia. It has all of what I need in one handy, comfortable package. I see that others have lost the little silver eraser cover. I called Pilot (203-381-4854) to see about BUYING a replacement and the very nice customer service rep (without my begging or even asking) took my address and said she would ship me a FREE replacement in a few days! Nice to see this company still knows how to do Customer Service!
by john_dove

Thumbs Up

Good Stylus, Pen, Pencil
I just purchased my Pentopia, and it is one of the best Visor purchases I have made. Each of the functions is clearly marked, and color coded so it is easy to determine which button produces which point. I read the previous reviews, and they helped to convince me that the Pentopia was a worthwhile product. The reviews were right, this is a good product. I would recommend it to any one with a handheld.
by sbuchholz

Thumbs Up

Just Damn Useful.
I was in my local Office Depot looking for a good mechanical pencil to match my favorite PaperMate pen when I ran across the T2300. I love the black, fine point pen (before switching to the PaperMate, I was a die-hard Pilot BP-S user). I like the mech pencil, and the stylus is quite smooth (easily smoother than my Visor's). Bought it on impulse for $25. However, prospects for finding refills for the pen are dicey so far - none of the biggies (staples, OD, OMax) show them on their sites. It could have been better if the grip section had been either slightly rubberized or perhaps cross-hatched for better grip. But "having it all" in one place makes up for the shortcomings.
by Dave Combs

Thumbs Down

by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Terrific combination
Does everything I need in one convenient package. The main problem I have is keeping it out of others hands and in mine so that I don't lose it.
by labradordave

Thumbs Up

Handy combination
I've had a 2+1 for several months now, and am very hapy with it. Unlike several othr reviewers, I've had no problem with broken leads, but that may be because I'm used to 0.5mm lead pencils. My only minor niggle would be with the selector mechanism, which can sometimes get stuck between two tools, equiing you to select the third tol in order to get them to release.
by Jon Etkins

Thumbs Up

Good but pricy all-purpose stylus
I don't like the tiny built-in stylus, so I wanted a pen-sized version. To be honest, I only got the 2+1 because I couldn't find the cheaper STYLUS+ 4-way in local stores. However, now that I have the 2+1 I really like it. Aside from one or two jams, I haven't had any problems, and the stylus tip works very well. I'm satisfied.
by David Park

Thumbs Down

"I fall to pieces"
I've used mine for about 10 months now and was concerned about the eraser cover and bottom half working loose. I've had both parts separate mysteriously only to find them in the center console of my Expedition. Well, now I've lost the eraser cover. Yes it still works, but it's very annoying. I won't be buying another.
by colecchio

Thumbs Up

Nice Size and Weight
I couldn't live with the standard stylus (I guess my hands are too big). This pen is the best. I will second the previous unscrewing comment, though. I'm going to try a dab of removable LocTite when I get done here!
by TonyNo

Thumbs Up

Great Investment!!!!
If your going to buy a pen/stylus, might as well buy the best. Goods looks, well balanced and writes great. Yea it a little more than the others but this will outlast them all. Only complaint is that a pen refill is kinda hard to find!
by bearboy

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