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Works with Visor, Deluxe, Platinum, Neo and Pro

Colors Graphite, Silver, Clear

Availability Unknown

Active Armor for Visor by Active Armor

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The Active Armor is a rubber form fitting case with an open springboard slot, a removable flip lid, stylus holders, and cut outs for almost all the holes, lights, etc. on the Visor. It comes in three colors: graphite, clear, and silver. The corners are protected by more than half a centimeter of rubber which has been engineered to protect the Visor upon impact

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User Opinions
Thumbs Up  90% Thumbs Down 10%

Thumbs Up

best value visor case
I am in the military, and I need rugged protection for my delicate electronics, i.i. my visor pro. I bought the active armor case, and my coworkers thought I had bought a new pda. I explained the active armor to them, and they asked if they made one for their pda's. Unfortunately for them, only a visor will fit the case and work properly. My wife says it looks like a gadget that Batman would have on his tool belt. My only regret is not purchasing it sooner.
by jmicbaldy

Thumbs Up

Perfect Case for a Klutz
I purchased my Active Armor Translucent (clear) case over 6 months ago. I am glad I found Active Armor. It is tough, durable, good looking, and protective. I drop things alot and it never lets my Visor get hurt. The rubber gives my hand a good grip and size. It grips the inside of my purse so well it won't dump out though my purse is often upside down, dropped, bumped, kicked & stepped on (kids, you know). The cut-outs are perfect and easy to do allowing my VisorPhone a perfect fit. I like the 2 extra stylus holders, too. With the Translucent case I can see the screen while the cover is closed. Day or night.
by michellesuf

Thumbs Up

Good Protection, highly modifiable
I have a Visor Pro and the wife a Visor Deluxe both with Sprint Digital Link modules (like the visorphone, only slightly larger). We had both been using the slip on case since we've gotten the Digital Links, but have been searching for some better cases for better protection. We finally bought these cases and they work well. However, I had to really cut off quite a bit to get it to fit the Sprint Digital Link. The review states that the Visorphone barely fits, and I think it's even tighter for this module. But I like the fact the Visor is now protected while it is in use, as with the slipper case, it was pretty naked until put back into the case. I consider this pretty much a pocket case, as it's not practical to use the Clip and neckstap package to hang it off my belt, etc. Just can't get it off fast enough for an incoming call. At first, the hinged lid looked a little cheap, and you have to get the case to fit well, to get the door to work properly (little rubber nubs that hold the door closed). But it does provide good screen protection once you get the case to fit right. Other disadvantage for the Visor Deluxe, no battery door access while in the case. To cut one out would, in my opinion, significantly weaken it. However, it's not that hard take the case off for a battery change. Another thing, your sync cradle will not work with this case, either take it out to hotsync/charge, or buy a USB sync/charge cable (I like it better than the cradle). Also, no reset pin access, but easily done. All in all, a good case.
by pilot999

Thumbs Up

One of the best case available
Over the 18 months that I have owned a visor, I have accululated my fair share of cases. I own a Grinder Gear Expedition, the Handspring Sports case, the Handspring Slim Case, and the orginal slip case. The first was great because it could care all my Visor related accessories in one case plus hold my Visor while I use it. However, it was really too big to be pratical in everyday use. So now I only rarely use it when I go hiking. The Slim Case from Handspring also held my visor in place while I used it but when I got the Memplug, which I wanted to use all the time, that advantage was gone. The other two cases were fine but one had to take out the visor to use it. Now I have the Active Armor case. This case is really a combination of all the cases above. About the only thing it can't do is hold ALL of your accessories. But, then again, I have a backpack I take with me to work so there is no need for that. This case protects your visor from all the bumps and scrapes that it suffers while in one's pocket through the day with a hard flip cover over the screen. This case protects it from falls and other accidents that you know will happen eventually. This case helps protect your investment with a good helping of rubber. The buttons take a little more pressure to push but I got used to that fairly quickly. The microphone is uncovered which is nice for people with voice recorders and phones for their Visor. My Memplug and eyemodule2 are accomodated with this case. 75% of all springboards are compatible out of the box with oversized springboards require modification to the case. This is easily done with premade grooves to show you where to cut. This case also includes two stylus holders which is great if you have both the regular stylus and a pen stylus. Now for the bad. There really isn't that much wrong with this case. However there are two glaring faults. First, despite the face that every other feature on the visor is duplicated in this case like the Microphone and LED cutaways but they didn't think to include a similar opening for the reset hole. This does make it a pain in the neck when a fatal exception occurs. Secondly, this thing collects lint like nobody's business. The screen has no lint on it due to the flip cover, which is good, but my case, after only a half-days use, has more lint on it than any case I have seen with the possible exception of the interior lining of the Grinder Gear case. Those are my only two gripes about this case. You can though carefully drill a reset hole yourself but I just wish they had included that as well as the many features they already include. However, I do recommend this case to anyone. You may not think that it can't happen to you. You won't drop your case. Your screen is unbrakable. It can happen to you. A momentary lapse in balance and there goes your second brain down the stairs. Get some kind of case to protect your Visor at all times. This is the best that I have found and I definitely recommend it.
by volcanopele

Thumbs Up

Yes, Commissioner ?
I have to admit, I bought this mainly for the looks. In my opinion, it resembles something from Batman's utility belt (which is a good thing to me). It holds the Visor very snugly. I have confidence it will protect my Visor well, should I drop it or bump it. Making the cut for the Visorphone was easy.
by DirtyVicar

Thumbs Up

Customer service excellent.
In my previous comments I stated that I doubted I could get a refund from ActiveArmor for the case. Well, I should have checked before talking. They have a 30 day return policy and their response to my inquiry was very corteous. My apologies and please disregard my offer to sell the case.
by jchaney

Thumbs Down

Flip lid closure NOT secure.
I can't agree with the 5/5 rating. I don't doubt the case's ability to protect my Visor, but I was disapointed about some aspects of this case. 1) The flip lid does not close flat against the case nor is it very securely closed. 2) The button feel through the case is very poor, especially for the up/down keys and the power button. I am going to try to return my case to ActiveArmor, but I doubt I will be succesful. If anyone is interested in buying a brand new, unused graphite case for $20 incl. shipping let me know. [email protected]
by jchaney

Thumbs Up

Well Designed!!
The case is rather ugly compared to other cases. I don't care. I bought it to protect my investment. Cheap insurance against bangs and drops. A cutout is needed for the reset pin. Other downside is that the battery compartment is covered up. All things considered, a minor trade-off for great protection.
by BudPritchard

Thumbs Up

great protection, looks awesome
i'm a visor pro owner. i also own the following springboards: visorphone, memplug smartmedia, soundsgood mp3 player. i just wanted to say that they all work well with the active armor. i did have to cut out a section for use with the visorphone (as recommended by the manufacturer). i also made a small notch cutout for the headset plug for the visorphone. this is a rugged and sturdy product. i don't have to worry about damaging or scratching my visor.
by bronzefury

Thumbs Up

Looks so good!
I love this case! It loosk great, it feels great and sure as **** protects my pda!
by miradu


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