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Works with Visor Solo, Deluxe, Platinum, Neo, Pro, Prism

Color Gray/Orange or Gray/Gray

Availability Unknown

Mesh Modulecase by Handspring

Padded protection for your Visor handheld--with a pocket for modules and all your stuff. The Mesh Modulecase's features include: Extra padding for total screen protection. Side mesh pocket for small, compact items. Fits 2 standard-sized Springboard modules—or credit cards and cash.

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  50% Thumbs Down 50%

Thumbs Up

So so...
My opinions: Shipping- took two days to process, 4 days to arrive, and cost $8.50. Yuck. Packaging- packed in oversized blister pack. Yuck, but the typical retail standard- this may be an indicator of a major movement back into retail outlets. Construction: Not too bad. It is made by 'incase', which does some pretty decent work. The grey/ orange version uses orange contrasting thread on the non-pocket side (this details does not show up in most pictures.) Reversing it to the orange side is difficult, as there is a stiffener on the non-pocket side. The stiffener feels like a piece of polyethylene, like a milk carton, and it is molded into a sort of square pan shape, which provides pretty decent protection. You cannot easily turn on the Visor by pressing through the material. The 'pocket': This is the reason i ordered it. The pocket is mesh over a thin Neoprene-like material, so stuff will not show through, much less fall through. There is a larger than usual Velcro tab to hold it closed, but most of the top edge is unsealed. The pocket is hyped for modules- and it will actually hold 2 slim modules, and can even handle the eyemodule- either bulging way out, or sort of tucked in and partly uncovered. Instead of modules, the side pocket makes a better wallet for notes, cards, money, etc. The fit: With my Prism, it was really annoyingly tight- at first. After a couple days, it has relaxed and is now just a bit snug. If I reverse the case, I can still fit the Prism- but it is a bit of a struggle- and you cannot use the pocket for anything more than a few thin pieces of paper like this. Protection: The case is totally open on one long edge, and with the Prism, gapes open on that side. Not only does this reveal a bright orange 'slash', but it leaves the prism vulnerabule to scratching, etc. from other things in a pocket or bag. On the other hand, all other surfaces are protected. not quite as much as a GrinderGear bag, but better than most thin leather cases. Cons: - Overpriced. For the $28.49 (including handspring shipping), there are better cases available. For the retail price of $19.99- not too bad. - Tight fit for the Prism. It DOES relax a bit, but it is still pretty dang snug- and still leaves that side open! - The open side- in actual use, it is not too bad, but... - The mesh pocket really cannot be used 'inside out'. Pros: - The pocket makes it a decent wallet unit. - It is pretty well made and looks sharp in my opinion. - Nice compromise between easy access, protection, and slim lines. It is very 'pocketable'. The only more 'pocketable' case I have seen is the original slip-case. Interesting Aspects: - The orange side is very high-visibility, and would be handy in places it might be easily mislaid otherwise (especially since the rather dark grey would vanish easily in low-light conditions.) - It makes a great, secure place to park the Memplug when I am using another module. The pocket shold also hold earphones for use with a MP3 module, or the donagle for the Thinmodem, etc. - I don't know why Handspring does not hype this more as a wallet. It is wonderful to carry my driver's license, some money, etc. in along with the Prism for a super light-weight package. - It would be easy, and rather fun, to sew on some soft loops on the corners for a neck cord. It would make a reasonably unobtrusive travel wallet, and keep the Visor close at hand.
by Madkins007

Thumbs Down

Did not work with Prism
I have purchased several Visor modules since I got my Prism, and this looked like a good way to carry a couple of them around along with my Prism. The case was sealed in a plastic blister pack, which meant that I couldn't take it out and look closely at it in the store. I found when I got home that the case won't even fit my Prism alone, let alone the extra modules. Well, actually I did manage to cram it in there, but it was extremely tight and I didn't like the idea of the pressure on my screen, and especially on the buttons--which could lead to it being turned on inadvertently. I'll be giving it to someone with a Deluxe, to see if it works better for that.
by LMH


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