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Color: Yes

Weight: 0.7 oz. (not including cables)

Size: Standard size

Desktop Conduit: Windows 98/Me

Hard Cover Compatible: Yes

Availability Unknown

Presenter-to-Go by Margi Systems

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Presenter-to-Go allows Visor users to connect directly to a digital projector and display high resolution presentations that have been downloaded to their Visor. Now Visor owners can really show off the power of the Springboard slot by ditching the laptop when it's time for those major presentations.

Presenter-to-Go works with all Visor models using Windows 98/98SE/Me and can be connected to any 1024x768 monitor, display, or projector that uses a standard VGA input. The Presenter-to-Go module has 2 MB of memory and can hold up to 100 slides. The Visor's memory can also be used for additional storage.

The PC software allows you to export data from any Windows application into a slide. You can also use multiple applications in creating your presentation. For example, you may use a table from Excel on one slide and a PowerPoint screen on another.

See VisorCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  63% Thumbs Down 38%

Thumbs Up

Good product!
Downloaded three presentations to my Vidor Prism. Spoke for 2 hours and still had some batt life left. Image from device was ust as good from a laptop. Would have liked to have some basic text animation,but hey it works.
by xavier_ag

Thumbs Up

2 thumbs up
Now that the Mirror is available, don't know why I'd lug my 8lb laptop around all the time.
by outbound

Thumbs Up

works as advertised - Mac version coming ?
It does its job quickly and efficiently. its win2K driver is also as stable as the Win98 version and I heard they're coming out soon with the mac version as well
by outbound

Thumbs Up

Now supports WIn2K
Now it supports WIN2K and also allows you to review the text portion of your slides (in addition to notes) off-line.
by Pathdoc

Thumbs Down

No Win-2K and No Transitions
With no current Win-2K support it is useless to me. With no support for transitions and on slide animations why even bother with a slide show. See the digicam comment below.
by J. Novak

Thumbs Down

No Win-2K and No Transitions
With no current Win-2K support it is useless to me. With no support for transitions and on slide animations why even bother with a slide show. See the digicam comment above.
by J. Novak

Thumbs Down

Missing too many things!
Played with it, didn't like it! Lack of transition effects, no animations (not even basic ones), no memory expansion possibilities (I sometimes get 20+ MB PPT's from HQ to present to Disti's) and the apparent lack of thinking through the final design (like having to plug the cable, no carrying bag for cables, etc.) definitely turned me down! And then the OS: I am running Win2k on my laptop, servers and even my home PC! I had to test it at my parents PC!
by F Peeters

Thumbs Up

Perfect for static slide shows
The Margi Presenter-to-Go is everything the spec sheet says it is. All of my presentations are simple, static PowerPoint slide shows with an occasional need to show Word documents. I don't use a laptop for anything other than presentations so the PTG is perfect for my needs. The unit is easy to set up, the desktop integration is excellent. As a first release, Margi has done an excellent job. That said, here are some nits that I've found. First, the Margi PTG desktop is not compatible with Blue Nomad's InstallBuddy. I had to remove IB and reinstall the Handpsring desktop to recover the standard Install conduit. Margi says that a fix is in the works. Second, the AC power adapter plug is very small but it is rectangular and horizontal in orientation when plugged into a wall outlet. This prevents conflicts if the other outlet is being used. If you are plugging into a power strip, you may need two outlets of real-estate. Third, the power cord is too short to reach from a wall outlet to a conference room table. You need to carry an extension cord as well. Overall, given my requirements, the PTG rates a 9/10 and well worth the money.
by stanw

Thumbs Up

Wow. Do this now!
Ok - NT/2K is an issue; Margi assures us 2k drivers will be out in a month. Great internal marketing tool - intend to put one in the hands of several colleagues who help promote ideas. Great implementation of a great idea.
by Rubicon221

Thumbs Up

The final part of my laptop replacement
This module completely clears the way to get rid of my laptop. I have been looking for this for 2 years now. I am a road warrior and smaller and lighter is the only way to surivive planes, trains and automobiles. This is not a perfect module but it does what I need to do!!!!
by scottedt

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