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powerOne Finance by Infinity Softworks

Now you can turn your Handspring device into a powerful financial calculator.

PowerOne Finance has all the financial functions found in the HP 12C, HP 17B, HP 19B or TI BAII+ hardware calculators. It offers RPN (reverse Polish notation) and standard input modes, 14-digit number entry, and quick store and recall functions.

Now you can use your Handspring device to solve loan, lease, mortgage, and annuity problems; analyze investments that involve cash inflows and outflows; perform unit conversions; calculate depreciation using four different methods; and more.

With over 430 built-in business, statistic, and scientific functions and the capability of exporting data from the 20 built-in computation worksheets, powerOne Finance offers you the ability to easily input, analyze, and print the results of the toughest financial problems.

Get complete advanced annuity, loan, and amortization analysis in the time value of money (TVM) worksheet. You can analyze cash flows for net present value, internal rate of return, payback-modified internal rate of return, profitability index, net future value, net uniform series, and total computations. Use straight-line, declining balance, declining balance to straight-line crossover, and sum of year's digits to compute depreciation. Compute unit and currency conversions, percent change, markups and markdowns, profit margin, breakeven, and percent total.

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