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Works with Visor, Deluxe, Platinum, Neo, Pro and Prism

Weight <12 oz

Size 10" x 4" x 1.5"

Availability Unknown

GoType Pro by LandWare

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The LandWare GoType keyboard for the Visor enables you to enter text into your organizer with minimal setup time.

Specifically designed for the Visor, it includes space for the Visor's Springboard modules. Although it shares many features with other GoType keyboards, there have been a few changes to the keyboard itself, including repositioned cursor and tab keys, and dedicated caps lock and num lock keys.

Users may program up to six keys for quick access to functions. It comes with a cable for easy computer connection and includes a durable protective hood that folds down to cover the keyboard when it's not in use.

See VisorCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  78% Thumbs Down 22%

Thumbs Up

Solid base unit
Great unit to be used as a base station, good bundled software. Catch it on sale and you'll be very happy!
by Dfrog62

Thumbs Down

I bought the Gotype because its overall quality seems good. Unfortunately, it does not fit the Color Visor Prism. The packing claims for all Visors. I have to return it.
by chippy

Thumbs Up

Yup! Works for Me
I've read comments by users of both of the popular keyboards. I think that input and output devices are kind of a personal thing, and I would never think the less of a person that chooses one brand over another. The biggest complaint against this keyboard is that the key spacing is non standard. Having said that, I seemed to adapt rather quickly. In fact, after just playing around with it for a few minutes, I felt good enough about the GoType! to take minutes at my club meeting.
by bjskelly

Thumbs Up

I love it
I have big hands and at first had some problems typing but after a few minutes I was up to speed. It's sturdier than the stowaway, can be used in your lap, easy to set up, and comes with a great word porcessor and thesaurus. This keyboard is an excellent value.
by gorrak

Thumbs Up

Convenient way to enter data and take notes
I've been using my GoType keyboard to take notes in my college classes, which always peaks the interest of other students. It's kind of small, but sturdy (which I need!) and I can type pretty quickly on it. I'd buy again, if given the chance.
by beccasue

Thumbs Down

Like It!
I have BOTH the STOWAWAY (two of them -don't ask)..and really wanted to get the GO!TYPE. So I did, and must say I really prefer this keyboard to most of my general needs. I use this at HOME..and take the folding one on the road. Works great in your lap!LANDWARE folks are to be credited for their great support -I have read many USENET posts from their supportpersonnel. I would guess this same level of support is offered over the phone. Makes a great addition to your other Visor accessories. BUY IT and support our great vendors!
by Captain Beyond

Thumbs Up

I had a "throwaway" for about three days before the "Q" and "W" keys came off. Had trouble sliding the thing together too. I have never had a problem with my Gotype.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

The extras alone make this the better keyboard
Are you kidding? Fist off, you can use it in your lap easily. Second, it has an excellent WP program. Third, it's also a USB sync cradle. Fourth, it's $30 cheaper. I have had one for my VDX since day one and I'd never switch to a Stowaway. I have yet to use one of the Targus/Stowaway keyboards that actually closed properly. A good friend purchased the Stowaway for his Vx, and returned it after using my GoType. (a bonus for Vx users, it works as a cradle *and* a recharging stand) Landware has the rest beat thus far.
by techalan

Thumbs Up

Can't beat the value!
It took much deliberation, and I am glad I chose the GoType. It is much tougher. I cracked the screen on my VDx the first week I had it, so that was my main concern. I tried the Stowaway at CompUSA and it was just too flimsy feeling even when on a solid flat surface. I can take the GoType and do spreadsheets in bed - not to mention the ability to USB hotsync out of the box. Not as cool looking as the other - but very functional. The free software is great too. If the Stowaway were cheaper then it would be a different story.
by Bobby Meeks

Thumbs Up

Good basic keyboard
The GoType! is a perfectly decent keyboard if you don't want to shell out extra for a Stowaway. The keys might be a little small, but they're easy enough to get used to. In addition, the software bundled with it is a good complement to the hardware. I especially like the fact that you don't need a cradle to HotSync.
by Nick C

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