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Refill N/A

Weight 0.6 oz

Size 4 5/16" x 3/16"

Fits Visor? Yes

Availability Unknown

Custom Visor Stylus by PDA Panache

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PDA Panache deluxe stylus upgrade for your Handspring Visor™ PDA. This all-metal stylus stores in your Visor's stylus slot and has a stand-off nail head for easy extraction/insertion into Visor. Top cap hides a reset pin. EasyView screen-safe stylus tip protected by lifetime repair warranty. Available in black or chrome plated finish. Upgrade to a fine stylus for more fun with your Visor. Please Note: This stylus is not for Prism or Edge. Order VPRI model stylus below for Visor Prisms, or for a flush-fitting Visor stylus if you do not use the stock snap-on plastic cover.

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User Opinions
Thumbs Up  80% Thumbs Down 20%

Thumbs Down

Doesn't stay put!
This stylus is great, but it doesn't fit in the silo. After about a month, it was constantly falling out. As a result, it fell out once never to be found.
by Blaster

Thumbs Up

Smooth tip, solidly built
I like this a lot. The tip seems to make Grafitti recognition better, and the tip feels smoother than the original stylus. The heft and solid construction are excellent.
by Mark

Thumbs Up

the weight alone does it
The weight, the orange tip makes this a very good stylus. Expensive, but I think it serves its function. With it has hex head so it doesn't roll, though.
by kngharv

Thumbs Up

Highly recommended
Got mine in January 2001. Perfect fit, glides over the screen much better than the black toothpick. However, I do have a little work to do relearning Graffiti after black-toothpicking it for the past year. :)
by mattbehrens

Thumbs Up

Great Stylus
The weight could have been even heavier, but still better than the standard stylus. Orange tip makes it easier to see. I also have a Slipper cover and the Panache is actually easier to retreive from the silo than the standard stylus-I wish it were a available with an ink pen inside.
by Troy Boy

Thumbs Up

No scratches
I ordered the chrome PDA Panache Visor stylus when I ordered my Visor. I really like it. No scratches at all on my Visor. Also, I've had no problems with it becoming "loose" in the slot. I use the Rhodiana case, and I like how the Panache stylus nail-head allows me to remove it easily while in the Rhodiana case.
by Alisa

Thumbs Down

very good quality
This is a well made product , I highly recommend it.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Great Stylus!!
When I purchased my Visor I didn't think I would ever purchase another stylus. Why? The one I have works fine. Until, I tried this stylus. WOW! It writes as smooth as a babies bottom. Weight and balance seem perfect. I went out and ordered one. Now I think I'll buy another, Just in case I lose this one.
by Clark Fralick

Thumbs Up

Great stylus and excellent customer service!
I too was one of the early PDA Panache purchasers, back when they were on backorder. It only took an extra week to arrive, but they included a complementary pen/stylus combo with a great letter of apology!! How many companies who have postponed their products for almost a year now (Innogear anyone?)have made apology letters, while my stylus was only ONE WEEK late and they gave me a free consolation gift. The stylus itself is great, being a highschooler, others in my school with PalmVXs and m100s compare their customs styli with my PDA Panache one. Although I have to admit, theirs look pretty neat, mine has a better feel and you can easily see the tip. All in all a great product, a must buy for any early Visor owner who got the evil plastic toothpick
by Jon Leathem

Thumbs Up

by Anonymous

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